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Bay Area sentence examples within sea level rise

Collective action problems and governance barriers to sea-level rise adaptation in San Francisco Bay

Coastal Flood Responses in Manila Bay, the Philippines

Bay Area sentence examples within emergent travel behavior

To Pool or Not to Pool? Understanding the Time and Price Tradeoffs of OnDemand Ride Users – Opportunities, Challenges, and Social Equity Considerations for Policies to Promote Shared-Ride Services

Bridging the Income and Digital Divide with Shared Automated Electric Vehicles

Bay Area sentence examples within oriented health care

How does telehealth shape new ways of co-creating value?

Bay Area sentence examples within Greater Bay Area

The spatiotemporal characteristics of electrical energy supply-demand and the green economy outlook of Guangdong Province, China

Public Housing Allocation Model in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under Clustering Algorithm

Bay Area sentence examples within Francisco Bay Area

Abstract P292: Characteristics of Asian Americans With Acute Ischemic Stroke Treated at a Tertiary/Quaternary Stroke Center

An Improved Decomposition as a Trade-Off Between Utilizing Unitary Matrix Rotations and New Scattering Models

Bay Area sentence examples within Tampa Bay Area

Integrated Network Design and Demand Forecast for On-Demand Urban Air Mobility

Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors and Screening Among the Uninsured of Tampa Bay: A Free Clinic Study

Bay Area sentence examples within Hudson Bay Area

Sea Ice Image Classification Based on Heterogeneous Data Fusion and Deep Learning

Storm-driven hydrography of western Hudson Bay

Bay Area sentence examples within Bohai Bay Area

Optimizing carbon tax rates and revenue recycling schemes: Model development, and a case study for the Bohai Bay area, China

Terrain Pre-process the Lower Reaches Yellow River and Delta Estuary Coast of Two Dimensional Numerical Model

Bay Area sentence examples within Great Bay Area

On the Localized Extreme Rainfall over the Great Bay Area in South China with Complex Topography and Strong UHI Effects

Preliminary study on Coupling numerical model of hydrology and hydrodynamics for The Typical Area of Pearl River Delta

Bay Area sentence examples within Tokyo Bay Area

Study on Planning of New Underground Railway & New Station in The Yaesu-Kyobashi-Nihonbashi District (Part 2)

Using User Dissatisfaction to Bridge Transportation Gap with Supply-and-demand Mediation-type Service

Bay Area sentence examples within Chesapeake Bay Area

Estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in complex coastal waters from satellite imagery

Phosphorus burial in vivianite-type minerals in methane-rich coastal sediments

Bay Area sentence examples within Jame Bay Area

Vein topology, structures, and distribution during the prograde formation of an Archean gold stockwork

Spatial analysis approaches for the evaluation and protection of groundwater resources in large watersheds of the Canadian Shield

Bay Area sentence examples within Californium Bay Area


Changes in Ultra-Processed Food Consumption and Lifestyle Behaviors Following COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place: A Retrospective Study

Bay Area sentence examples within Saldanha Bay Area

Effect of the Elemental Content of Shells of the Bivalve Mollusks (Mytilus galloprovincialis) from Saldanha Bay (South Africa) on Their Crystallographic Texture

Estimation of radon potential through measurement of uranium concentrations in granite geology

Bay Area sentence examples within Deltum Bay Area

Magnets of creative talents in Yangtze River Delta Bay area

Comparison of Population and Industrial Structure between Urban Agglomerations of the Pearl River Delta and World-Class Urban Agglomerations

Bay Area sentence examples within Tomini Bay Area

School Principal Entrepreneurial Competency Development Model to Optimize Generating Production Unit Income


Bay Area sentence examples within Haifa Bay Area

Associations between Exposure to Industrial Air Pollution and Prevalence of Asthma and Atopic Diseases in Haifa Bay Area

The Micrometeorology of the Haifa Bay Area and Mount Carmel during the Summer

Bay Area sentence examples within Hangzhou Bay Area

Accumulative Deformation Characteristics and Microstructure of Saturated Soft Clay under Cross-River Subway Loading

Research on the Change of Coastline on the South Coast of Hangzhou Bay Based on Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Images

Bay Area sentence examples within Lower Bay Area

Spatiotemporal BME characterization and mapping of sea surface chlorophyll in Chesapeake Bay (USA) using auxiliary sea surface temperature data.

Depth Contours and Coastline Generalization for Harbour and Approach Nautical Charts

Bay Area sentence examples within Nova Bay Area

Polygonal frost patterned ground as a Mars analogue in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Contribution to the taxonomic knowledge of Ampharetidae (Annelida) from Antarctica with the description of Amage giacomobovei sp. nov.

Bay Area sentence examples within Macau Bay Area

Do distribution and expansion of exotic invasive Asteraceae plants relate to leaf construction cost in a man-made wetland?

Fault-Plane Determination of the 4 January 2020 Offshore Pearl River Delta Earthquake and Its Implication for Seismic Hazard Assessment

Bay Area sentence examples within bay area county

Advanced Light Source Operation and Critical Research during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Race-ethnicity and Perceptional Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccination Intentions: A Cross-sectional Study Among Health Workers and the General Population in the San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area sentence examples within bay area city

Development of International Education Industry in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area

Model-based assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant transmission dynamics within partially vaccinated K-12 school populations

Bay Area sentence examples within bay area population

Multiplex SARS-CoV-2 Genotyping Reverse Transcriptase PCR for Population-Level Variant Screening and Epidemiologic Surveillance

Multiplex SARS-CoV-2 Genotyping PCR for Population-Level Variant Screening and Epidemiologic Surveillance

Bay Area sentence examples within bay area regional

How Do We Take Real-World Action?

Developing an evidence assessment framework and appraising the academic literature on migrant health in Malaysia: a scoping review

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Modelling the advantages of the DSM (deep slurry mixing) technology on the piling process of the plug-in steel

Estimating the Acute Health Impacts of Fire‐Originated PM2.5 Exposure During the 2017 California Wildfires: Sensitivity to Choices of Inputs

Empirical Analysis on the Influence of the Opening Level of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area on Economic Growth

Spatial distribution and contamination assessment of heavy metal pollution of sediments in coastal reclamation areas: a case study in Shenzhen Bay, China

Analysis on Fintech Talents Aggregation: based on the perspective of GBA

Differential Expression of the Apolipoprotein AI Gene in Spotnape Ponyfish (Nuchequula nuchalis) Inhabiting Different Salinity Ranges at the Top of the Estuary and in the Deep-Bay Area of Gwangyang Bay, South Korea

Crisis Decision-Making at the Speed of COVID-19: Field Report on Issuing the First Regional Shelter-in-Place Orders in the United States.

School closures reduced social mixing of children during COVID-19 with implications for transmission risk and school reopening policies

Seasonal dynamics and spatial distribution of structural indicators of the bacterioplankton community of the Sevastopol Bay (the Black Sea)

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Application of Teaching Innovation Based on robotics engineering

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Mapping chlorophyll-a and Total Suspended Solid (TSS) distribution in the waters of Ciletuh Bay

Book review: Citizenship 2.0: Dual Nationality as a Global Asset

“We are similar, but different”: Contextualizing the Religious Identities of Indian and Pakistani Immigrant Groups

A machine learning model to estimate ground-level ozone concentrations in California using TROPOMI data and high-resolution meteorology.

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Geography in Bret Harte’s “The Luck of Roaring Camp”

[Occurrence, Distribution, and Ecological Risk Assessment of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in the Aquatic Environment of Sanya City, China].

Investigation of the K4[Fe(CN)6]-Mediated Mono- and Bis-Palladium-Catalyzed Cyanation of the Benzothioxanthene Core.

Sustaining Port Activities Through Nature Conservation: The Case of Paraná Coast in Southern Brazil

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Archives and the Labor of Building Feminist Theory: An Interview with Sharon Davenport

Evaluating Operational and Experimental HRRR model forecasts of Atmospheric River events in California

Key locational factors for immigrant entrepreneurs in top entrepreneurial ecosystems

Research on Innovation Promotion and Application of Guangzhou New Energy Automobile Industry

TrafficGAN: Network-Scale Deep Traffic Prediction With Generative Adversarial Nets

Temporal-spatial features and key factors’ analysis of vertical eddy diffusivities in Taihu Lake, China

COVID-19 suppression of human mobility releases mountain lions from a landscape of fear

Screening of the Characteristics of Hate Crimes against Asian American and Comparison to African Americans in Bay Area

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Analysis of Subsoil Liquefaction Potential in The Region of Mataram City in Indonesia

Social Capital and Social Networks in the Life Sciences Industry Clusters. An Analysis of Selected Case Studies

More Bay Area ベイエリア sentence examples

Mortality Rate in Lung Transplant Recipients Infected with COVID-19


Housing Prices and the Skills Composition of Neighborhoods

Assessing the Distribution of Air Pollution Health Risks within Cities: A Neighborhood-Scale Analysis Leveraging High-Resolution Data Sets in the Bay Area, California

University Students in the Greater Bay Area Conduct Research on the Construction of Big Data Teams for Cross-border E-commerce Startups in the Middle East

Mineralogical–Geochemical Characteristics of the Snow Cover in Areas with Mining and Ore-Processing Facilities

Modeling of the Petroleum System in the Cauvery Basin, Sri Lanka

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Radio environment measurement over the urban area for UAV communications

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