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Factors Affecting Non-Performing Loans in Commercial Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Banks A Case Study of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Dashen Bank District in Southern Region of Ethiopia

Impact of Macro Specific Factor and Bank Specific Factor on Bank Liquidity using FMOLS Approach

Cover your assets: non-performing loans and coverage ratios in Europe

Determinants Of Liquidity Risk: A Study Of Commercial Banks In Pakistan

Bank Profitability Determinants: Firm-Level Observations in the ASEAN-5 Markets

Banking Sector Reactions to COVID-19: The Role of Bank-Specific Factors and Government Policy Responses

The implications of economic uncertainty for bank loan portfolios

Determinants of Deposit Money Banks Lending Behaviour to Private Sector of The Economy in Nigeria (1986-2017)

Determinants of mergers and acquisitions among Finnish cooperative and savings banks

An Empirical Analysis of Macroeconomic and Bank-Specific Factors Affecting Bank Deposits in Vietnam

Determinants of Liquidity Risk in the Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Nonstandard monetary policies and bank profitability: The case of Spain

What Are the Leading Bank-Specific and Macroeconomic Factors Influencing Islamic Bank Performance?

Banking Sector Reactions to the COVID-19: The Role of Bank-Specific Factors and Government Policy Responses

Heterogeneity in the Relationship Between NPLs and Real Economy: Evidence from the Mongolian Banking System

The impact of board characteristics and CEO power on banks’ risk-taking: stable versus crisis periods

Commercial Bank Performance and Credit Risk in Albania

Analysis of factors influencing bank profitability : evidence from the West African economic and monetary union banking sector

Determinants of Banks Liquidity: The Case of Private Banks in Ethiopia

The Influence of Bank Related Variables on Deposit Mobilization: An Analysis of Private Commercial Banks in Myanmar

Profitability drivers of Islamic banks: A global panel investigation

Bank Interest Rate Margin, Portfolio Composition and Institutional Constraints

Factors Affecting Profitability of Banks: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopian Private Commercial Banks


The Determinants of Performance in the Nigerian Banking Industry 2004-2014

Internal Determinants of Banks’ Profitability: A Case Study on Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

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