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Relationships Between Lateral Limb Bias, Turnout, and Lower Limb Injury in a Female Pre‑Professional Ballet Dancer Population.

The Role of Dental Occlusion and Neuromuscular Behavior in Professional Ballet Dancers’ Performance: A Pilot Study

Ballet Dancers sentence examples within Classical Ballet Dancers

Wellness Monitoring for Professional Ballet Dancers: A Pilot Study.

The Epidemiology of Low Back Pain and Injury in Dance: A Systematic Review.

Ballet Dancers sentence examples within Adolescent Ballet Dancers

On-Time Maturation in Female Adolescent Ballet Dancers: Learning From Lived Experiences

The Difference in Lower Limb Landing Kinematics Between Adolescent Dancers and Non-Dancers.

Ballet Dancers sentence examples within Female Ballet Dancers

Segmental Musculoskeletal Examinations of Injured Adolescent Ballet Dancers Mimic a Decreased Strength, Anaerobic Power and Endurance Performance

Ankle Sprain Affects Lower Leg Muscle Activation on Vertical Landing, Half Point, and Gait in Female Ballet Students

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Health problems of professional ballet dancers

Perceptions of Motivational Climate and Association with Musculoskeletal Injuries in Ballet Dancers.

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Magnetic resonance imaging findings associated with posterior ankle impingement syndrome are prevalent in elite ballet dancers and athletes

Assessment of Dietary Intake, Energy Status, and Factors Associated With RED-S in Vocational Female Ballet Students

Ballet Dancers sentence examples within Young Ballet Dancers

Do Single-Leg Balance Control and Lower Extremity Muscle Strength Correlate with Ankle Instability and Leg Injuries in Young Ballet Dancers?

Immediate effects of ultrasound-guided percutaneous neuromodulation versus physical exercise on performance of the flexor hallucis longus muscle in professional dancers: a randomised clinical trial

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Comparison of Plantar Sensitivity, Dynamic Balance, and Lower Extremity Joint Range of Motion Between Experienced Female Ballet Dancers and Female Non-Dancing Athletes: A Cross-Sectional Study.

The Difference in Lower Limb Landing Kinematics Between Adolescent Dancers and Non-Dancers.

Effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions for injury in ballet dancers: A systematic review

Quantitative MRI Analysis of the Talocrural and Talonavicular Joints in Ballet Dancers.

Hip Instability in Ballet Dancers: A Narrative Review.

Recalcitrant Flexor Hallucis Longus Dysfunction: A Case Study Demonstrating the Successful Application of an Adaptable Rehabilitation Program With a Two-Year Follow-Up

Relationship between Cardiometabolic Risk and Physical Fitness in Young Girls with Aesthetic Professions

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What is a Rehearsal in Ballet?

In Pursuit of the Perfect Dancer’s Ballet Foot. The Footprint, Stabilometric, Pedobarographic Parameters of Professional Ballet Dancers

Effectiveness of Single Platelet-rich Plasma Injection and Rehabilitation in the Management of Calcaneocuboid Syndrome: A Case Series

Acute Effects of Dry Needling on Myofascial Trigger Points in the Triceps Surae of Ballet Dancers: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Interaction Of Dance Parties And Orchestra In Traditional And Untypical Locations Of Ballet Performances

Premenopausal osteoporosis: Focus on the female athlete triad

Russia and Brazil. Dialogue in the images and rhythms of ballet art at the beginning of the XXI century

6 Plantar plate repair – a single centre, single procedure case series

Eating psychopathology in ballet dancers: a meta-analysis of observational studies

Upper-Body Strength Endurance and Power Norms in Healthy Collegiate Dancers: A 10-year Prospective Study.

Is orthorexia nervosa a feature of obsessive–compulsive disorder? A multicentric, controlled study


Fat Mass Evaluation in Classical Ballet Dancers: Comparation Between Predictive Anthopometry Equations (P13-003-19).

Intrinsic modifiable risk factors in ballet dancers: Applying evidence based practice principles to enhance clinical applications.

Intra- and Inter-individual Movement Variability of Upper Limb Movements of Ballet Dancers.

El espacio formativo en la danza clásica: una reflexión filosófica

Individualized Training Based on Force-Velocity Profiling During Jumping in Ballet Dancers.

Do Grade II Ankle Sprains Have Chronic Effects on the Functional Ability of Ballet Dancers Performing Single-Leg Flat-Foot Stance? An Observational Cross-Sectional Study

Relationship between the architecture and function of ankle plantar flexors with Achilles tendon morphology in ballet dancers.

Assessment of musculoskeletal pain in dance focusing on dance-style related differences

El espacio formativo en la danza clásica: Una reflexión filosófica

Hip flexor muscle size in ballet dancers compared to athletes, and relationship to hip pain.

Standing balance of professional ballet dancers and non-dancers under different conditions

Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis: A Rare Case of Anterior Ankle Impingement.

Comparison of lower limb stiffness between male and female dancers and athletes during drop jump landings

Arthroscopic Management of Chondral and Labral Injuries

Closed atraumatic complete rupture of the flexor halluces longus tendon during forward lunge exercise

Ankle Injuries in Dancers.

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