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N2VSCDNNR: A Local Recommender System Based on Node2vec and Rich Information Network

A Top–Bottom Clustering Algorithm Based on Crowd Trajectories for Small Group Classification

Does change in ethical education influence core moral values? Towards history- and culture-aware morality model with application in automatic moral reasoning

Search Method of Number of Trees for Genetic Programming with Multiple Trees

A framework for BIM-based disassembly models to support reuse of building components

Authorship Classification in a Resource Constraint Language Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Application of Machine Learning to Predict And Diagnose Diabetes

HierHAR: Sensor-Based Data-Driven Hierarchical Human Activity Recognition

Method for automatic compensation of a single-phase earth fault

Generalized and Efficient Skill Assessment from IMU Data with Applications in Gymnastics and Medical Training

A density-peak-based clustering algorithm of automatically determining the number of clusters

Hind foot drumming: Volumetric micro-computed tomography investigation of the hind limb musculature of three African mole-rat species (Bathyergidae).

Microtask Detection

An ontology model to support the automated design of aquaponic grow beds

Comparison of the accuracy of digital face scans obtained by two different scanners.

The Real Eigenpairs of Symmetric Tensors and its Application to Independent Component Analysis.


Supervised learning over test executions as a test oracle

Policy Adaptation in Hierarchical Attribute-based Access Control Systems

Nobeyama 45 m mapping observations toward Orion A. I. Molecular Outflows

Automatic Permittivity Characterization of a Weak Dielectric Attached to Human Body Using Wideband Radar Image Processing

Neural Network-based Classification of Germinated Hang Rice Using Image Processing

A novel framework for MR image segmentation and quantification by using MedGA

A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm with Heuristic Mutation for Multi-objective Bi-clustering

A New Approach Towards the Combined Algorithm Selection and Hyper-parameter Optimization Problem

Assessment of optical coherence tomography speckle patterns in low-scatterer-concentration regions: simulations for lymphatic vessels mapping

Safe Automated Refactoring for Intelligent Parallelization of Java 8 Streams

Automation of the kidney function prediction and classification through ultrasound-based kidney imaging using deep learning

Understanding the Effects of Pre-Training for Object Detectors via Eigenspectrum

Exploiting social media with higher-order Factorization Machines: statistical arbitrage on high-frequency data of the S&P 500

Automatic Coverage Selection for Surface-Based Visual Localization

License Plate Location Algorithm Based on Grayscale Stretching and Maximum Variance Threshold Segmentation

TakeLab at SemEval-2019 Task 4: Hyperpartisan News Detection

Parameter Selection for Regularized Electron Tomography Without a Reference Image

AndrejJan at SemEval-2019 Task 7: A Fusion Approach for Exploring the Key Factors pertaining to Rumour Analysis

Using Multimodal Data for Automated Fidelity Evaluation in Pivotal Response Treatment Videos

Restoring ventilatory control using an adaptive bioelectronic system.


Cross-Domain Image Matching with Deep Feature Maps

Real-time and robust multiple-view gender classification using gait features in video surveillance

Radar-Based Automatic Identification and Quantification of Weak Echo Regions for Hail Nowcasting

Ship Detection for Polarimetric SAR Images Based on $\mathcal {G}_p^0$ Mixture Model

A multi-level knee point based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for AUC maximization

Computationally efficient fully-automatic online neural spike detection and sorting in presence of multi-unit activity for implantable circuits

Leveraging Social Media Linguistic Features for Bilingual Microblog Sentiment Classification

Original geometrical stopping criteria associated to multilevel adaptive mesh refinement for problems with local singularities

Improvements for Determining the Number of Clusters in k-Means for Innovation Databases in SMEs

Distributed Deep Forest and its Application to Automatic Detection of Cash-Out Fraud

Data Clustering using Variational Learning of Finite Scaled Dirichlet Mixture Models

Acoustic Scene Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Image processing algorithm to determine an optimised 2D laser cutting trajectory

GWU NLP at SemEval-2019 Task 7: Hybrid Pipeline for Rumour Veracity and Stance Classification on Social Media

Heart Rhythm Analyzed via Shapelets Distinguishes Sleep From Awake

UV absorption spectra of DNA bases in the 350-190 nm range: assignment and state specific analysis of solvation effects.

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