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Automatically Determine sentence examples within geometry generates heat

Pathfinder: open source software for analyzing spatial navigation search strategies

Pathfinder: open source software for analyzing spatial navigation search strategies

Automatically Determine sentence examples within particle swarm optimization

Particle Swarm Optimization-based CNN-LSTM Networks for Forecasting Energy Consumption

PSO-CFDP: A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Automatic Density Peaks Clustering Method for Cancer Subtyping

Automatically Determine sentence examples within To Automatically Determine

Nth-order multi-response CADIS method to optimize regional variances in a hybrid Monte Carlo simulation

Estimation of Heat Release Rate and Fuel Type of Circular Pool Fires Using Inverse Modelling Based on Image Recognition Technique

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Method Automatically Determine

MR and PET Image Fusion Using Nonparametric Bayesian Joint Dictionary Learning

MyROOT: a method and software for the semiautomatic measurement of primary root length in Arabidopsis seedlings

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Algorithm Automatically Determine

Random Search Enhancement of Incremental Regularized Multiple Hidden Layers ELM

A flexible regime switching model with pairs trading application to the S&P 500 high-frequency stock returns

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Also Automatically Determine

Intracluster Structured Low-Rank Matrix Analysis Method for Hyperspectral Denoising

Identifying cluster centroids from decision graph automatically using a statistical outlier detection method

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Program Automatically Determine

Analysis of viscosity measurements obtained using the short back extrusion method Part 1: Theory of short back extrusion in viscometry.

Experimental Study on Pore Characteristics and Fractal Dimension Calculation of Pore Structure of Aerated Concrete Block

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Cannot Automatically Determine

Bridging the Gap between Community and Node Representations: Graph Embedding via Community Detection

A Pre-calibration Method for Concrete Distributor

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Would Automatically Determine

Fear Level Classification Based on Emotional Dimensions and Machine Learning Techniques

Kensor: Coordinated Intelligence from Co-Located Sensors

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Could Automatically Determine

Contouring Control Consensus for Robot Manipulators

Automated Parameter Determination for Horizontal Curves for the Purposes of Road Safety Models with the Use of the Global Positioning System

Automatically Determine sentence examples within Framework Automatically Determine

A novel feature transform framework using deep neural network for multimodal floor plan retrieval

Behavior-driven Load Testing Using Contextual Knowledge - Approach and Experiences

Automatically Determine sentence examples within automatically determine pool

Pathfinder: open source software for analyzing spatial navigation search strategies

Pathfinder: open source software for analyzing spatial navigation search strategies

Automatically Determine sentence examples within automatically determine cluster

Sparse learning based on clustering by fast search and find of density peaks

Hierarchical clustering and stochastic distance for indirect semi-supervised remote sensing image classification

On Modified Multi-Output Chebyshev-Polynomial Feed-Forward Neural Network for Pattern Classification of Wine Regions

Estimating the bulk density in 0– 20 cm of tilled soils in China’s Loess Plateau using support vector machine modeling

A fully analytical model for virtual mass force in mixture flows

Bolus arrival time estimation in dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of small animals based on spline models.

User Priority Aware and Cost Constrained Workflow Scheduling in Clouds

Integrated Latch Placement and Cloning for Timing Optimization

Finite Element Model Updating Combined with Multi-Response Optimization for Hyper-Elastic Materials Characterization

Value of intraventricular dyssynchrony assessment by gated-SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging in the management of heart failure patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy (VISION-CRT)

Soft Set Theory for Decision Making in Computational Biology Under Incomplete Information

Iterative Synthesis of Equi-Ripple Dual-band Filtering Functions With One Additional Transmission Zero

Three-dimensional analysis of acetabular orientation using a semi-automated algorithm

Doppler Radar System for an Automatic Transfer Phase Detection Using Wavelet Transform Analysis

Detection and Measurements of Cracks in Axially Loaded Tension RC Members by Image Processing Technique

Optimization of digital radiography for large metallic additively manufactured components

Using Deep-Q Network to Select Candidates from N-best Speech Recognition Hypotheses for Enhancing Dialogue State Tracking

Measuring the unmeasurable: automated bone scan index as a quantitative endpoint in prostate cancer clinical trials

Efficient Adaptive Multilevel Stochastic Galerkin Approximation Using Implicit A Posteriori Error Estimation

Melt electrowriting of electroactive poly(vinylidene difluoride) fibers

A Zero Attention Model for Personalized Product Search

Multimedia auto-annotation via label correlation mining

An Adaptive Sampling Process for Automated Multivariate Macromodeling Based on Hamiltonian-Based Passivity Metrics

HAQ: Hardware-Aware Automated Quantization With Mixed Precision

Switch-based Active Deep Dyna-Q: Efficient Adaptive Planning for Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning

Coronary calcification segmentation in intravascular OCT images using deep learning: application to calcification scoring

An ideal point based many-objective optimization for community detection of complex networks

Design and Implementation of Adaptive Control Algorithm for IoT Based Domestic Irrigation System

MGKA: A genetic algorithm-based clustering technique for genomic data

Data-driven two-layer visual dictionary structure learning

Impact fault detection of gearbox based on variational mode decomposition and coupled underdamped stochastic resonance.

Multifeature-Based Discriminative Label Consistent K-SVD for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Soft-Sensor Development for Processes With Multiple Operating Modes Based on Semisupervised Gaussian Mixture Regression

Evaluation of algorithms for fake news identification

A Measurement Method of Supraharmonics Based on Partial Sampling and Hybrid Segmentation

Adaptive Automatic Voltage Regulation in Rural 0.38 kV Electrical Networks

A Toolbox for Analyzing and Testing Mode Identification Techniques and Network Equivalent Models

Scene Understanding in Deep Learning-Based End-to-End Controllers for Autonomous Vehicles

Nonparametric Mixture of Sparse Regressions on Spatio-Temporal Data -- An Application to Climate Prediction

Evaluating Temporal Predictive Features for Virtual Patients Feedbacks

A new approach to automatic fetal brain extraction from MRI using a variational level set method.

Size Projection Algorithm: Optimal Thresholding Value Selection for Image Segmentation of Electrical Impedance Tomography

ADAIS: Automatic Derivation of Anisotropic Ideal Strength via high-throughput first-principles computations

Segmentation of tomato leaf images based on adaptive clustering number of K-means algorithm

Structure Characteristic-Aware Pruning Strategy for Convolutional Neural Networks

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