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Alternative Methods for Preheating Outdoor Ventilation Air

On Preheating of the Outdoor Ventilation Air

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Security of controlled manufacturing systems in the connected factory: the case of industrial robots

Application of the System Nesting Technology for Studying the Invariance of a Complex Electric System Output in Terms of State Variables

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An efficient numerical approach for singularly perturbed parabolic convection-diffusion problems with large time-lag

Passive Cooling Solutions to Improve Thermal Comfort in Polish Dwellings

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Method of determination and optimization of the control parameters for an LPCE process

A Framework for Using Data as an Engineering Tool for Sustainable Cyber-Physical Systems

Simulation of a Fine Dust Value-Based False Data Detection System to Improve Security In WSN-Based Air Purification IoT

An Event-based Microservice Platform for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: the case of Smart Farming

Speed Curve Optimization of High-speed Flying Train Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Soil element assessment of cyclic-load-induced settlement considering combination of vertical, horizontal, and shear stresses in cohesive soil

Development of a Small Electric Robot Boat for Mowing Aquatic Weeds

IOT Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System

Application of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Photogrammetry for Forest Fire Early Detection System

A Compliant Partitioned Shared Control Strategy for an Orbital Robot

A lab-on-a-disc platform based on nickel nanowire net and smartphone imaging for rapid and automatic detection of foodborne bacteria

Development of Medical Robot Covid-19 based 2D mapping LIDAR and IMU Sensors

RF Systems Design for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) in Automation and Transportation

Energy-saving Renovation of Air Conditioning in Technical Schools Based on the Internet of Things

Functional design of smart evaporative irrigation for mina-padi system in Indonesia

Design and research of automatic fishing machine based on acoustic adjustment

Simplified Predictive Stator Current Phase Angle Control of Induction Motor With a Reference Manipulation Technique

Selection of operational parameters for a smart spraying system to control airborne PM10 and PM2.5 dusts in underground coal mines

Effect of Center of Mass Immobilization on Center of Pressure Displacement in Single and Dual-Task.

Load current, dropped voltage and size considerations in LDR based light control system

Automatic Actuation of the Anti-Freezing System Using SMA Coil Springs

Frequency Containment Control of Hydropower Plants Using Different Adaptive Methods

On the Smoothing of Deep Networks

Editorial: New Technologies for Robotic Manipulators and Their Industrial Applications

Multi-degree-of-freedom robot arm motion simulation based on MATLAB

A study on the design and operation method of plant factory using artificial intelligence

Design and Research of a Multi-functional Robot Arm for Automatically Grabbing Fans

Fuzzy control system for three-dimensional towing trajectory of trawl gear

Monitoring and automatic tuning and stabilization of a 2×2 MZI optical switch for large-scale WDM switch networks.

A conceptual scale model of mobile drilling robot

A Smart Spinal Orthopedic Bed for General Purpose Rehabilitation

A Method for extracting multi-scale stay feature of trajectory based on OPTICS

GSM Entrenched Intelligent Phase Changer

On Access Control in Cabin-Based Transport Systems

Improvement Properties of Hybrid Halide Perovskite Thin Films Prepared by Sequential Evaporation for Planar Solar Cells

Research on a Support System for Automatic Ship Navigation in Fairway

Design and Validation of a Multifunctional Android-Based Smart Home Control and Monitoring System

PLC Based Energy-Efficient Home Automation System with Smart Task Scheduling

Automatically Monitoring, Controlling, and Reporting Status/Data for Multiple Product Life Test Stands

Adaptation of North Atlantic Albacore Fishery to Climate Change: Yet Another Potential Benefit of Harvest Control Rules

Classical Perspectives of Controlling Acquiescence with Balanced Scales

Fast and Automatic Control of a Frequency-Tuned Radiofrequency Plasma Source

Design and Development of Semi-Automatic Electrical Incinerator Using Arduino


Fuzzy Mamdani Pada Tanaman Tomat Hidroponik (Mamdani Fuzzy on Hydroponics Tomato Plants)

Intelligent Outdoor Aquaponics with Automated Grow Lights and Internet of Things

Controlling the Flight of a Drone and Its Camera for 3D Reconstruction of Large Objects

A Novel High-Voltage Pseudo-p-LDMOS Device With Three Current Conductive Paths

Corrosion Behavior of Nickel Alloys NiFe and NiCu Welding on Base Metal in Alkalie Solution

A Study of Sense of Approaching Index based on Considering Direction of Approaching Objects A Study of a Sense of Approaching Index based on Considering Direction of Approaching Objects

Hammerstein Spline Adaptive Filtering based on Normalised Least Mean Square Algorithm

Efficient quality assurance method with automated data acquisition of a single phantom setup to determine radiation and imaging isocenter congruence

A Study on Automatic Power Control Method Applied in Astronaut Extravehicular Activity

Web Based Environment Monitoring System Using IOT

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