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Real-World Deployment of Low-Cost Indoor Positioning Systems for Industrial Applications

MBTree: Detecting Encryption RATs Communication Using Malicious Behavior Tree

On the Use of Common Information Model for Smart Grid Applications — A Conceptual Approach

Building Causal Graphs from Medical Literature and Electronic Medical Records

An Ontology-Based Interactive System for Understanding User Queries

From Balustrades to Pierre Vinken: Looking for Syntax in Transformer Self-Attentions

A Software Exoskeleton to Protect and Support Citizen’s Ethics and Privacy in the Digital World

A New Approach for Semi-automatic Building and Extending a Multilingual Terminology Thesaurus

Streamlined Development of Targeted Mass Spectrometry‐Based Method Combining Scout‐MRM and a Web‐Based Tool Indexed with Scout Peptides

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Automatically Building 自動構築
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