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Assessment of prostate cancer prognostic Gleason grade group using zonal‐specific features extracted from biparametric MRI using a KNN classifier

Reinforced Product Metadata Selection for Helpfulness Assessment of Customer Reviews

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Adaptation of controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) measurement depth in morbidly obese patients addressed for bariatric surgery

Exposure to noise and ototoxic chemicals in the Australian workforce

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Improving Automatic Essay Scoring for Indonesian Language using Simpler Model and Richer Feature

SnapCheck: Automated Testing for Snap! Programs

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A theoretically motivated method for automatically evaluating texts for gist inferences.

Data-Driven Adapting for Fine-Tuning Chinese Teaching Materials: Using Corpora as Benchmarks

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Automatic Audio-Based Classification of Patient Inhaler Use: A Pharmacy Based Study

Clinical trial cohort selection based on multi-level rule-based natural language processing system

Computational Barthel Index: an automated tool for assessing and predicting activities of daily living among nursing home patients

Automated noise exposure assessment model for the health of construction workers

COVID-19 and Computer Audition: An Overview on What Speech & Sound Analysis Could Contribute in the SARS-CoV-2 Corona Crisis

Automatic opportunistic osteoporosis screening in routine CT: improved prediction of patients with prevalent vertebral fractures compared to DXA

Qualifying Certainty in Radiology Reports through Deep Learning–Based Natural Language Processing

Virtual Teaching Assistant for Grading Programming Assignments: Non-dichotomous Pattern based Program Output Matching and Partial Grading Approach

Personalized logical models to investigate cancer response to BRAF treatments in melanomas and colorectal cancers.

Automated Assessment of and Feedback on Concept Maps During Inquiry Learning

A review of computer vision-based approaches for physical rehabilitation and assessment

An Ensemble Approach on Scientific Paper Reviews for Sentiment Analysis

Automatically Assessing Quality of Online Health Articles

Automatic Segmentation of Polyps using U-Net from Colonoscopy images

Extending the usefulness of the verbal memory test: The promise of machine learning

Artificial intelligence-assisted system for precision diagnosis of PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer

Assessing Function Names and Quantifying the Relationship Between Identifiers and Their Functionality to Improve Them

Automatic Assessment of 3-Dimensional Facial Soft Tissue Symmetry Before and After Orthognathic Surgery Using a Machine Learning Model: A Preliminary Experience.

Empirical Findings on BDD Story Parsing to Support Consistency Assurance between Requirements and Artifacts

Unified Quality Assessment of in-the-Wild Videos with Mixed Datasets Training

Fully automated cardiac assessment for diagnostic and prognostic stratification following myocardial infarction

Microaneurysm Turnover in Mild Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy is Associated with Progression and Development of Vision-Threatening Complications: A 5-Year Longitudinal Study

airpg: automatically accessing the inverted repeats of archived plastid genomes

Tourism destination management using sentiment analysis and geo-location information: a deep learning approach

Deep dual-side learning ensemble model for Parkinson speech recognition

PTEN and DNA Ploidy Status by Machine Learning in Prostate Cancer

Assessment of visual, manual, and automatic coronary calcium scoring methods - analysis of dedicated CT scans and low dose CT scans acquired during cardiac 13N-ammonia-PET/CT

Automatically evaluating the quality of textual descriptions in cultural heritage records

A Crowd-driven Dynamic Neural Architecture Searching Approach to Quality-aware Streaming Disaster Damage Assessment

Comparison of Online Tests of Very Short Answer versus Single Best Answers for Medical Students in a Pharmacology Course over One Year

Designing Hybrid Vehicle Architectures: Utilizing an Automatic Generation and Optimization Approach

Divesting in Socially (Ir)responsible Internet Service Providers

Assessing the Feasibility of Web-Request Prediction Models on Mobile Platforms

2Vita-B Physical: An Intelligent Home Rehabilitation System Based on Microsoft Azure Kinect

Animal-borne acoustic data alone can provide high accuracy classification of activity budgets

Investigating the Impact of Group Size on Non-Programming Exercises in CS Education Courses

Automatic Imagery Data Analysis for Proactive Computer-Based Workflow Management during Nuclear Power Plant Outages

Perivascular spaces in the centrum semiovale at the beginning of the 8th decade of life: effect on cognition and associations with mineral deposition

Automatic learner summary assessment for reading comprehension

Completeness and Consistency Analysis for Evolving Knowledge Bases

FAIRshake: toolkit to evaluate the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of research digital resources

Manipulation-Skill Assessment from Videos with Spatial Attention Network

Analysis of remote sensing imagery for disaster assessment using deep learning: a case study of flooding event

Automatic assessment of interactive OLAP explorations

Assessing similarity of n‐dimensional hypervolumes: Which metric to use?

Operating Performance Assessment of Smart Meters Based on Bayesian Networks and Convex Evidence Theory

Learning to assess the quality of stroke rehabilitation exercises

Assessing the quality of answers autonomously in community question–answering

Proppy: Organizing the news based on their propagandistic content

A Two-Stage Method for Assessing Facial Paralysis Severity by Fusing Multiple Classifiers

Advanced System of Planning and Optimization of Cargo Delivery and Its IoT Application

Cheap devices bring quake damage sensing to the masses.

An Agent-based Approach to Physical Rehabilitation of Patients affected by Neurological Diseases

DMN for Data Quality Measurement and Assessment

Effect of an Instructor-Centered Tool for Automatic Assessment of Programming Assignments on Students’ Perceptions and Performance

Assessing reliability of Big Data Knowledge Discovery process

Monte Carlo and Reconstruction Membership Inference Attacks against Generative Models

An EMG-based Eating Behaviour Monitoring System with Haptic Feedback to Promote Mindful Eating

Using deep learning to evaluate peaks in chromatographic data.

Quality of Wikipedia Articles: Analyzing Features and Building a Ground Truth for Supervised Classification

Cognitive consequences of regression of cerebral small vessel disease

Automatic sleep stage classification based on subcutaneous EEG in patients with epilepsy

Evaluation of Ecosystem for Design Assessment and Verification by BAJA Dynamometer Capstone Team at the University of Nebraska

A Survey of Vision-Based Human Action Evaluation Methods

Mining Quantitative Temporal Dependencies Between Interval-Based Streams

RecurTutor: An Interactive Tutorial for Learning Recursion

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