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Transformation of semantic knowledge into simulation-based decision support

Automated production of research data marts from a canonical fast healthcare interoperability resource data repository: applications to COVID-19 research

The LADM Valuation Information Model and its application to the Turkey case

A Low-cost Fault Corrector for Deep Neural Networks through Range Restriction

Automated Production of Research Data Marts from a Canonical Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Data Repository: Applications to COVID-19 Research

On Solving Nonconvex MINLP Problems with SHOT

Development of ETL Processes Using the Domain-Specific Modeling Approach

Transforming Haptic Storyboards into Diagrammatic Models: The Scene2Model Tool

Formal transformation methods for automated fault tree generation from UML diagrams

Ignis: scaling distribution-oblivious systems with light-touch distribution

Design-Space Exploration with Multi-Objective Resource-Aware Modulo Scheduling

How to connect design thinking and cyber-physical systems: the s*IoT conceptual modelling approach

Dynamic configuration and collaborative scheduling in supply chains based on scalable multi-agent architecture

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