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Epoxy-based solvent-tolerant nanofiltration membranes prepared via non-solvent induced phase inversion as novel class of stable membranes

Molybdenum oxide nanoporous asymmetric membranes for high-capacity lithium ion battery anode

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Polyurethane urea membranes for membrane blood oxygenators: synthesis and gas permeation properties

Amine-Containing Block Copolymers for the Bottom-Up Preparation of Functional Porous Membranes

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Macromolecular Design for Oxygen/Nitrogen Permselective Membranes—Top-Performing Polymers in 2020—

Mass Transport through Composite Asymmetric Membranes

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Computer simulations of lipid regulation by molecular semi-grand canonical ensembles.

Permeation Studies across Symmetric and Asymmetric Membranes in Microdroplet Arrays

Anti-swelling gradient polyelectrolyte hydrogel membranes as high-performance osmotic energy generators.

Elucidating the roles of diffusion and osmotic flow in controlling the geometry of nanochannels in asymmetric track-etched membranes

Printing zwitterionic self-assembled thin film composite membranes: Tuning thickness leads to remarkable permeability for nanofiltration

Fabrication and performance evaluation of polymeric membrane using blood compatible hydroxyapatite for artificial kidney application.

Asymmetric Lipid Membranes under Shear Flows: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study

Asymmetric polymersomes, from the formation of asymmetric membranes to the application on drug delivery.

Preparing Membrane Proteins for Simulation Using CHARMM-GUI.

Antimicrobial peptide activity in asymmetric bacterial membrane mimics.

Fabrication and electromechanical characterization of free-standing asymmetric membranes.

Membrane bioreactors for syngas permeation and fermentation.

Spectroscopic characterization and photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy of phthalocyanine-silver triangular nanoprism conjugates when supported on asymmetric polymer membranes.

Mesoporous PET-Based Materials with Closed Porosity and Gas-Separating Properties

Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Hybrid Cellulose Acetate-nanoTiO2/crosslinked Polyvinyl Alcohol Coated Membrane for Crude Clove Oil Purification

Materials and Engineering Design of Interfacial Polymerized Thin Film Composite Nanofiltration Membrane for Industrial Applications

Effects of membrane thickness and structural type on the hydrogen separation performance of oxygen-permeable membrane reactors

Fabrication of defect-free Matrimid® asymmetric membranes and the elevated temperature application for N2/SF6 separation

Design and fabrication of large-sized planar oxygen transport membrane components for direct integration in oxy-combustion processes

Asymmetric membranes for membrane distillation and thermo-osmotic energy conversion

Cup-to-vesicle transition of a fluid membrane with spontaneous curvature.

Suppression of crystallization in thin films of cellulose diacetate and its effect on CO2/CH4 separation properties

Oxidative crosslinking of copolyimides at sub-Tg temperatures to enhance resistance against CO2-induced plasticization

Preparation of an Asymmetric Membrane from Sugarcane Bagasse Using DMSO as Green Solvent

Tuning the porosity of asymmetric membranes via simple post-synthesis solvent-treatment for non-aqueous applications

Chitosan based-asymmetric membranes for wound healing: A review.

Production and characterization of electrospun silk fibroin based asymmetric membranes for wound dressing applications.

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