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Approximate Methods sentence examples within impact sound insulation

System of national standards for measuring and evaluating sound insulation

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Two Approximate Methods

Synthesis of H-Infinity Controllersin a Finite Time Interval

A stochastic scheduling, allocation, and inventory replenishment problem for battery swap stations

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Variou Approximate Methods

Understanding the Large Kinetic Isotope Effect of Hydrogen Tunneling in Condensed Phases by Using Double-Well Model Systems.

Benchmark multi-layer simulations for residual stresses and deformation in small additively manufactured metal parts

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Several Approximate Methods

Comparing approximate methods for mock catalogues and covariance matrices II : power spectrum multipoles

Evaluation of Hantush’s S Function Estimation Methods for Predicting Rise in Water Table

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Develop Approximate Methods

Model-based learning of information diffusion in social media networks

FSMI: Fast Computation of Shannon Mutual Information for Information-Theoretic Mapping

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Existing Approximate Methods

GASP: Graph-Based Approximate Sequential Pattern Mining for Electronic Health Records

A survey on quality-assurance approximate stream processing and applications

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Different Approximate Methods

Mathematical Modelling of Starting Modes of Induction Motors with Squirrel-Cage Rotor

Higher modes contribution for estimating the inelastic deformation ratios and seismic demands of structures

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Analytical Approximate Methods

On the calculation of rectangular plates by the collocation method

A Paper about the Slope of the Equilibrium Line

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Previou Approximate Methods

Geodesic Distance Computation via Virtual Source Propagation

Theoretical Study of Barrierless Chemical Reactions Involving Nearly Elastic Rebound: The Case of S(1D) + X2, X = H, D.

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Three Approximate Methods

Approximate solution for integral equations involving linear Toeplitz plus Hankel parts

Toward accurate high temperature anharmonic partition functions

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Use Approximate Methods

A Novel Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problems

Probabilistic Modeling, Estimation and Control for CALS Organization-Technical-Economic Systems

Approximate Methods sentence examples within Effective Approximate Methods

Approximate Solution of Higher Order Fuzzy Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Bezier Curve Representation

Approximation treatment for Linear Fuzzy HIV Infection Model by Variational Iteration Method

Approximate Methods sentence examples within approximate methods often

Control Theory Meets POMDPs: A Hybrid Systems Approach

A new fractal reliability model for networks with node fractal growth and no-loop

Approximate Methods sentence examples within approximate methods produce

Reflection and refraction of sound waves at a smooth boundary of two liquids

Reflection and refraction of sound waves on a smooth and the non-flat boundary between two liquids


Fast and Accurate Transient Analysis of Large Grounding Systems in Multilayer Soil

More Approximate Methods 近似法 sentence examples

Nonlinear random vibration analysis: A Bayesian nonparametric approach

An analytical study on fluid flow characteristics for flow within a microchannel of rectangular cross section

Evaluation of TSP for Emergency Routing

Modified Time-Dependent Model for Flexural Capacity Assessment of Corroded RC Elements

Random-Phase Approximation in Many-Body Noncovalent Systems: Methane in a Dodecahedral Water Cage.

Інтелектуальний регулятор запасу газодинамічної стійкості компресора авіаційного ГТД

Transferable Ring Corrections for Predicting Enthalpy of Formation of Cyclic Compounds

Effect of spatio-temporal variability of the seismic signal on the dynamic pressure behind retaining walls

Prediction of effective reaction rates in monoliths presenting channels of non-uniform coating

Generalized Hydrodynamics for integrable systems

New boundary conditions for the approximate flux-limited diffusion radiative transfer in circumstellar environments: test case study for spherically symmetric envelopes

Conformable fractional isothermal gas spheres

A Fragmentation-Based Graph Embedding Framework for QM/ML.

Approximation Procedure for Determining Oscillation Period of Frame Structure

On fractional approaches to the dynamics of a SARS-CoV-2 infection model including singular and non-singular kernels

Applications of Jacobi’s Elliptic Functions in Forced Vibration in Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics

More Approximate Methods 近似法 sentence examples

Algorithms for Multiple Signals Adaptive Processing in Radio Engineering Systems Antenna Arrays

Optimal Versus Approximate Channel Selection Methods for EEG Decoding With Application to Topology-Constrained Neuro-Sensor Networks

Численные методы контроля редких событий в нелинейных стохастических системах

Development of analytical calculation method for axisymmetric oscillations of circular and annular plates on variable Winkler elastic foundation

High accurate convergent spectral Galerkin methods for nonlinear weakly singular Volterra integro-differential equations

Sequence-Based Selection Hyper-Heuristic Model via MAP-Elites

Decomposition-Based Approaches for a Class of Two-Stage Robust Binary Optimization Problems

Dataset of noncovalent intermolecular interaction energy curves for 24 small high-spin open-shell dimers.

A probabilistic analysis of neighborhoods for combinatorial optimization problems and its application

R package for statistical inference in dynamical systems using kernel based gradient matching: KGode

Calculation Method for Axisymmetric Bending of Circular and Annular Plates on a Changeable Elastic Bed. Part 1. Analytical Relations

Kepler’s Goat Herd: An exact solution to Kepler’s equation for elliptical orbits

Semi-Analytic Technique for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Conformable Derivatives

Grand Challenges in Computational Catalysis

Approximate Solution of Bratu Differential Equations Using Trigonometric Basic Functions

Effects of Combined Feedbacks and Recycling Noise on a Birhythmic Self-sustained Oscillator

Calculating the Efficiency of Complex-Shaped Fins

Efficient Anomaly Detection for High-Dimensional Sensing Data with One-Class Support Vector Machine

Late-time small body disruptions for planetary defense

Explaining multivariate molecular diagnostic tests via Shapley values

The Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for Solving Two Strongly Fractional-Order Nonlinear Benchmark Oscillatory Problems

More Approximate Methods 近似法 sentence examples


Enhancement of blast wave parameters due to shock focusing from multiple simultaneously detonated charges

Spin echo formation in muscle tissue.


Calculation Method for Axisymmetric Bending of Circular and Annular Plates on a Changeable Elastic Bed. Part 2. Calculation Results for Continuous Circular Plates

More Approximate Methods 近似法 sentence examples

Analysis of bimaterial singular regions for orthotropic and isotropic materials under thermal loading

The Wiener–Hopf technique, its generalizations and applications: constructive and approximate methods

Parallel CUDA implementation of a numerical algorithm for solving the Navier-Stokes equations using the pressure uniqueness condition

Development of the perturbation theory using polynomial solutions

Insights from a general, full-likelihood Bayesian approach to inferring shared evolutionary events from genomic data: Inferring shared demographic events is challenging

Using Graph Convolutional Networks for Approximate Reasoning with Abstract Argumentation Frameworks: A Feasibility Study

A Review of Optimal Routing Problem for Electric Vehicle

Accurate computation of single and product moments of order statistics under progressive censoring

To the numerical method for synthesis of fractal antennas

Using the Cumulative Function Method to Transform non-Gaussian Random Processes, Signals and Noise in the Differentiating Systems

Analysis of Thermal-Bending Stresses in a Simply Supported Annular Sector Plate

Symmetry reduction a promising method for heat conduction equations

Quantum heat transfer between nonlinearly-coupled bosonic and fermionic baths: an exactly solvable model

A Satisfiability-Based Approximate Algorithm for Logic Synthesis Using Switching Lattices

Heat Transfer and Thermophysics of Subsonic Dissociated-Air Jets in Flow past a Cylindrical Model in a High-Frequency Induction Plasmatron

Approximate Methods for Inverting Generating Functions from the Pál-Bell Equations for Low Source Problems

Accurate Calculation of Geodetic Heights of a Celestial Body’s Surface Points Relative to the Triaxial Ellipsoid

A New Approximate Solution for a Generalized Nonlinear Oscillator

Simulation-Based Bias Correction Methods for Complex Models

The Inconsistency Problem of Riemann Zeta Function Equation

Accelerating Bayesian Inference on Structured Graphs Using Parallel Gibbs Sampling

Approximate Bayesian inference for geostatistical generalised linear models

An Analytical Approach for Piled-Raft Foundation Design Based on Equivalent Pier and Raft Analyses by Using 2D Finite Element Method

Flapwise bending vibration analysis of rotary tapered functionally graded nanobeam in thermal environment


Accurate Calculation of Geodetic Heights of a Celestial Body’s Surface Points Relative to the Triaxial Ellipsoid

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