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Validation of the Psychometric Properties of the NEO-FFI-3 in an Arabic Context

Cosmic Evolution of the H2 Mass Density and the Epoch of Molecular Gas

Corpus callosum morphology in major mental disorders: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Non-destructive depth measurement using SEM signal intensity

The impact of airline internal branding on work outcomes using job satisfaction as a mediator

Deep serum proteomics reveal biomarkers and causal candidates for type 2 diabetes

Do family health conversations impact patients with glioblastoma multiforme and their family members?

Vertical collapse safety margin assessment for steel frames against earthquake-induced loss of column

Proteomics of the acid-soluble fraction of whole and major gland saliva in burning mouth syndrome patients.

Open field experiment for the evaluation of Arundo donax ecotypes ecophysiology and yield as affected by soil water content

A Multi-Parameter Approach for Apricot Texture Analysis

The Interconnections between Renewable Energy, Economic Development and Environmental Pollution: A Simultaneous Equation System Approach

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Approach Measuring アプローチ測定
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