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Agile Transformation at Scale: A Tertiary Study

Improving the Collaboration Between Enterprise Architects and Agile Teams: A Multiple-Case Study

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Die agile Transformation: Groß denken, klein beginnen, schnell lernen

Agilität und Nutzerzentrierung in der öffentlichen Verwaltung

Agile Transformation sentence examples within Ongoing Agile Transformation

The impact of requirements on systems development speed: a multiple-case study in automotive

Agile System Architecture in Large Organizations: An Experience Report from Volvo Cars

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Sprinting to digital transformation: a time boxed, Agile approach

EXPRESS: Agile Work Practices and Employee Proactivity: A Multilevel Study

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Software-Produktlinien agilisieren: Ein Transformationsmodell für große Unternehmen

Integrated and Customer-Oriented Material and Process Selection by Sensory Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Design of transformation initiatives implementing organisational agility: an empirical study

Agile transformation for better business values using orchestration model

Reconciling agile frameworks with IT sourcing through an IT sourcing dimensions map and structured decision-making


The Agile Success Model

The Impact of Agile Transformations on Organizational Performance: A Survey of Teams, Programs and Portfolios

Setting the Scope for a New Agile Assessment Model: Results of an Empirical Study

Change Management Strategies as the Nexus of Performance Improvement in African Universities Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

The Triple Role of Communications in Agile Organizations

Implementation aspects of agile methods in large organizations

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming – Workshops: XP 2019 Workshops, Montréal, QC, Canada, May 21–25, 2019, Proceedings

Exploring Customer Influence on the Agile Transformation of Service Providers

Chasing the Crowd: Digital Transformations and the Digital Driven System Design Paradigm

Enterprise agility: A Balancing Act - a local government case study

Enterprise Agility: A Balancing Act - A Local Government Case Study

ING’s Agile Transformation—Teaching an Elephant to Race

Future Trends in Agile at Scale: A Summary of the 7th International Workshop on Large-Scale Agile Development

Agile Transformation at LEGO Group

Agiles Office Management

Boosting Agile by Using User-Centered Design and Lean Startup: A Case Study of the Adoption of the Combined Approach in Software Development

Triggers analysis of an agile transformation: the case of a central bank

Training for Agile Transformation at Universities: A Case Study Analysis

Evaluating the Utility of the Usability Model for Software Development Process and Practice

SAFe Adoptions in Finland: A Survey Research

Lessons Learned from the Agile Transformation of an Aeronautics Computing Center

Agile Transformation: A Summary and Research Agenda from the First International Workshop

Interview study on the agile development of mechatronic systems

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