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Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods in Sustainable Building Design

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Sustainable Building Design - Optimisation Methods

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Understanding the Interaction Between Virtual Design, Construction and Lean Construction

Building Industrialization and Prefabrication between Materiality and Immateriality

Structural Optimization in Civil Engineering: A Literature Review

Information traceability platforms for asset data lifecycle: blockchain-based technologies

Prioritization of risks related to BIM implementation in brazilian public agencies using fuzzy logic

Digital Technologies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry—A Bibliometric—Qualitative Literature Review of Research Activities

Microservice system architecture for data exchange in the AEC industry

Propositions for a Resilient, Post-COVID-19 Future for the AEC Industry

Safety Barriers Identification, Classification, and Ways to Improve Safety Performance in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry: Review Study

Profit distribution of IPD projects using fuzzy alliance

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Intelligent optimal design of floor tiles: A goal-oriented approach based on BIM and parametric design platform

BIM Applications in Post-Conflict Contexts: The Reconstruction of Mosul City

Identification of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of BIM Software Selection: A Combined Approach of FCM and Fuzzy DEMATEL

Integration of BIM and Immersive Technologies for AEC: A Scientometric-SWOT Analysis and Critical Content Review

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The importance of integrating lean thinking with digital solutions adoption for value-oriented high productivity of sustainable building delivery

Concept to Support the Estimation of Static Load Capacity on Construction Sites Using In-Situ AR-Based Methods

Knowledge Extraction and Discovery Based on BIM: A Critical Review and Future Directions

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The role of interoperability dimensions in building information modelling

Assessment of AEC Students’ Performance Using BIM-into-VR

Computer Vision-Based Construction Process Sensing for Cyber–Physical Systems: A Review

When Blockchain Meets the AEC Industry: Present Status, Benefits, Challenges, and Future Research Opportunities

Towards an AEC-AI Industry Optimization Algorithmic Knowledge Mapping: An Adaptive Methodology for Macroscopic Conceptual Analysis

Key Management Skills for Integral Civil Engineering Education

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Building Information Modeling Deployment in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry: An Adoption Roadmap

Innovation Performance Indicators for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Organization

Mitigating Disputes and Managing Legal Issues in the Era of Building Information Modelling

Possibilities of Using Building Information Model Data in Reinforcement Processing Plant

Multiuser immersive virtual reality application for real-time remote collaboration to enhance design review process in the social distancing era

Cybersecurity in Construction: Where Do We Stand and How Do We Get Better Prepared

Evaluation framework for BIM-based VR applications in design phase

Cyber security threat modeling in the AEC industry: An example for the commissioning of the built environment


Quantum Computing and the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: Trends, Challenges, Near-Term Practical Opportunities and Future Outlook

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Exploring the benefits of structured information with the use of virtual design and construction principles in a BIM life-cycle approach

The Capability and Support of Structure Capital on BIM Innovation in SME

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Effective Project Team Organization in Project Management Practices

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Building Information Modeling: Factors Affecting the Adoption in the AEC Industry

Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Practices and Challenges in Construction Industry in Qatar

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Curriculum to Prepare AEC Students for BIM-Enabled Globally Distributed Projects

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Perceived Challenges in Implementing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): Insights from Stakeholders in the U.S. and Canada for a Path Forward

New Information Technology Pattern-Based Secure BIM Learning through Education-Integrated Engineering System

Pruning chemicals from the green building landscape

Planning the BIM Process in AEC Projects

Financial benefits for the real estate sector by using technologies of AEC industry

Building the Future of the Construction Industry through Artificial Intelligence and Platform Thinking

OpenBIM-Tango integrated virtual showroom for offsite manufactured production of self-build housing

Cybersecurity Management Framework for a Cloud-Based BIM Model

Building information modeling (BIM) for structural engineering: a bibliometric analysis of the literature

A Scientometric Review and Metasynthesis of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Research in Africa

Application of Integrated Building Information Modeling, IoT and Blockchain Technologies in System Design of a Smart Building

Dynamic relationship between embodied and operational impacts of buildings

BIM-Based Visualization Research in the Construction Industry: A Network Analysis

Lean, Automation and Modularization in Construction

SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORIAL: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed: New Realities in Construction

BIM-based Decision Support System for Concrete Formwork Design

Pecularities of BIM adoption in Armenia

BIM for Production: Benefits and Challenges for Its Application in a Design-Bid-Build Project

BIM-based Last Planner System tool for improving construction project management

Education Needs to Support Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collaboration Using Building Information Modeling

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BIM knowledge assessment: an overview among professionals - A survey on the AEC industry in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Examining Potential Socio-economic Factors that Affect Machine Learning Research in the AEC Industry

Configuration platform for customisation of design, manufacturing and assembly processes of building façade systems: A building information modelling perspective


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AI based Semantic Extensibility and Querying Techniques for Building Information Model

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Mapping a Resource-Based Design Workflow to Activate a Circular Economy in Building Design and Construction

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Who Benefit From Crime in Construction? A Structural Analysis

Student and teacher perspectives on a multi-disciplinary collaborative pedagogy in architecture and construction

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Reviewing the Role of Sustainability Professionals in Construction

Lean Design Management in a Major Infrastructure Project in UK

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Trend Analysis on Adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Architecture , 1 Engineering , and Construction Industry 2

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AI based Semantic Extensibility and Querying Techniques for Building Information Model

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