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A mesoscopic model of nanoclusters self-assembly on a graphene Moiré

Coverage-dependent adsorption model of atomic oxygen on Ag(111)

Non-monotonic magnetic anisotropy behavior as a function of adsorbate coverage in Fe ultrathin films near the spin reorientation transition

Coverage-dependent formic acid oxidation reaction kinetics determined by oscillating potentials

Structural evolution of a PtRu catalyst in the oxidation of an organic molecule

Guiding the design of oxidation-resistant Fe-based single atom alloy catalysts with insights from configurational space.

Direct and Broadband Plasmonic Charge Transfer to Enhance Water Oxidation on a Gold Electrode.

Lags in Desorption of Lunar Volatiles

Effects of Schottky barrier height fluctuations on conductivity: Consequences on power-law response in tin oxide gas sensors

Effects of donor density on power-law response in tin dioxide gas sensors

Segregation dynamics of a Pd-Ag surface during CO oxidation investigated by NAP-XPS

Comparison of Coverage-Dependent Binding Energy Models for Mean-Field Microkinetic Rate Predictions.

Steady-State Catalytic Decomposition of Aspartic Acid on Cu(111)

Dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of the reaction mechanism of hydrogen production from formic acid on Ni(1 0 0)

Chemisorption and sensitivity at semiconductor sensors revisited

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Adsorbate Coverage 吸着カバー率
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