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Design of a single degree of freedom acoustic liner for a fan noise test rig

Broadband sound attenuation by metaliner under grazing flow

Towards Reduced Order Models of Small-Scale Acoustically Significant Components in Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers


Design and optimization of acoustic liners with a shear grazing flow: OPAL software platform description

Slanted septum and multiple folded cavity liners for broadband sound absorption

Prediction of sound radiation from an unbaffled long enclosure with the ground

Mitigation of oscillatory instability in turbulent reactive flows: A novel approach using complex networks

Extended-reacting liners in time-domain simulations for broadband attenuation with flow

Manufacturing Uncertainties for Acoustic Liners

A novel grazing flow rig for acoustic liner investigations

Case study on the use of Comsol Multiphysics for undergraduate aeroacoustic research

Suppression of Combustion Instabilities in a Premixed Swirl Combustor With Acoustic Liner

Optimum acoustic impedance in circular ducts with inviscid sheared flow: Application to turbofan engine intake

Acoustic damping: Analytical prediction with experimental validation of mixed porosity liners and analytical investigation of conical liners

Experimental impedance assessment of innovative liner under shear grazing flow

Mutual Effect Between Swept-and-Leaned Vanes and Acoustic Liners on Fan Interaction-Noise Reduction

Simulation of high acoustic excitation level harmonic interaction effects for perforates and liners

Intake Fan Noise Attenuation due to Liners Considering Uniform and Shear Flows

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