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International Students in Community Colleges: On-Campus Services Used and Its Affect on Sense of Belonging

Grade Prediction with Neural Collaborative Filtering

Academic Advising sentence examples within academic advising support

Understanding Students’ Psychological Distress Complaints through Online Academic Advising Support

Pathway to Quality: Incorporating Students’ Perceptions in the University Learner Support System

Perbedaan persepsi bimbingan akademik mahasiswa pada sebuah perguruan tinggi swasta di Indonesia

Management of Academic Advising in Higher Educational Institutions during COVID-19 Pandemic

Toward a Substantive Theory of the Academic Advising Process: A Grounded Theory

Digital Transformation: Equipping Advisors for the Journey, Students for Success

An exploratory study of freshman attrition from an Appalachian physiology program.

Academic Coaching and its Relationship to Student Performance, Retention, and Credit Completion

What student support practitioners know about non-traditional students: a practice-based approach

WS-ADVISING: a Reusable and reconfigurable microservices‐based platform for effective academic advising

A Student Advising System Using Association Rule Mining

Texting as an Advising Communication Tool: A Case Study of Receptivity and Resistance

A Rule Induction Framework on the Effect of ‘Negative’ Attributes to Academic Performance

‘I knew I had the support from them’: understanding student support through a student engagement lens

A model for graduate nursing faculty teaching workload.

Quality of Academic Advising and Student Support Services from the Perspective of Preparatory Year Students at the University of Najran

Contradictory Perspectives on Academic Support: Beyond Linear Logic

Data Analysis using Business Intelligence in the educational context

Tolerable Suboptimization: Racial Consequences of Defunding Public Universities

Socioculturally Mediated Academic Advising: A GYO Approach for Supporting Bilingual/Bicultural Paraprofessionals

Student Stress Management and Wellness Programs among Colleges of Pharmacy

An American Business School’s Academic Advising and Professional Development Centers’ Early Pandemic Response

Analysis Vision for the Academic advising

Academic Advising as a Pre-Step for the Introduction of the Human Capital Approach to Solve the Issue of Quality in the Algerian University

Do Working Students Buy Into HIPs? Working for Pay and Participation in High-Impact Practices

Stronger Together: Educational Service Augmenters and Traditional Predictors of Adjustment for International Students in the US.

A Proposed Course Recommender Model based on Collaborative Filtering for Course Registration


A novel integrated framework for securing online instructor-student communication

Funções dos Tutores Presenciais na Educação a Distância

The Psychometric Properties of the School Counseling Internship Competency Scale

Virginia Gordon: Developing Academic Advisors Through Theory-Based Intentional Training

Application of Flipped Classroom on Auxiliary Machinery

Empirical Approach of Leading the Academic Advising Process in Higher Education

Abstracts of recent articles published in Teaching of Psychology

BSW Students of Color: Principle Factors Influencing Intent to Persist Through Completion of Degree

Asesoramiento para gestionar planes de estudio y secuencias didácticas por competencias en una universidad de México

Scholarly Advising and the Scholarship of Advising


Leadership in Higher Education: Insights from Academic Advisers

The Professionalization of Academic Advising: A Structured Literature Review

Validating Faculty Advising through Assessment.

Age and Academic Advising in Community Colleges: Examining the Assumption of Self-Directed Learning

Virginia Gordon: Pioneering the Concept of Scholar-Practitioner in Academic Advising through Her Own Scholarship and Practice.

On Professionalization Through Scholarship: A Conversation with Dr. Leigh Shaffer (1947-2017)

An Intelligent Electronic Academic Advisor

Vietnamese High School Students’ Perceptions of Academic Advising

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