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Virtual microscopy: The future of pathological diagnostics, dental education, and telepathology

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Stitching and registering highly multiplexed whole slide images of tissues and tumors using ASHLAR software

Vitrectomy-Assisted Biopsy: An in vitro Study on the Impact of Cut Rate and Probe Size

Comparative Assessment of Digital Pathology Systems for Primary Diagnosis

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A Survival Guide for the Rapid Transition to a Fully Digital Workflow: The “Caltagirone Example”

Efficient Multi-Organ Multi-Center Cell Nuclei Segmentation Method Based on Deep Learnable Aggregation Network

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Artificial intelligence for cellular phenotyping diagnosis of nasal polyps by whole-slide imaging

Rapid Validation of Whole-Slide Imaging for Primary Histopathology Diagnosis.

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Virtual Microscopy in Undergraduate Pathology Education

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A generalized deep learning framework for whole-slide image segmentation and analysis

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Whole-slide imaging, tissue image analysis, and artificial intelligence in veterinary pathology: An updated introduction and review.

Next-Generation Digital Histopathology of the Tumor Microenvironment

Effectiveness of a Cloud-Based Telepathology System in China: Large-Sample Observational Study

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Validation of mitotic cell quantification via microscopy and multiple whole-slide scanners

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Validation of Image Quality and Diagnostic Accuracy Using a Mobile Phone Camera Microscope Adaptor Compared With Glass Slide Review in Teledermatopathology.

Image analysis of the nuclear characteristics of emerin protein and the correlation with nuclear grooves and intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions in lung adenocarcinoma

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Computer Aided System for Automatic Detection and Marking Instance of Nuclei

The Landscape of Digital Pathology in Transplantation: From the Beginning to the Virtual E-Slide

Validation of Whole-slide Digitally Imaged Melanocytic Lesions: Does Z-Stack Scanning Improve Diagnostic Accuracy?

The Role of Telecytology in the Primary Diagnosis of Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration Specimens

Invention and Early History of Telepathology (1985-2000)

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Quantitative Histopathology of Stained Tissues using Color Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (cSLIM)

Introduction to Digital Image Analysis in Whole-slide Imaging: A White Paper from the Digital Pathology Association

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Quantitative pixel intensity- and color-based image analysis on minimally compressed files: implications for whole-slide imaging

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Automated detection and quantification of breast cancer brain metastases in an animal model using democratized machine learning tools

National Society for Histotechnology and Digital Pathology Association Online Self-Paced Digital Pathology Certificate of Completion Program

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Digital pathology and artificial intelligence.

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Improving Classification of Breast Cancer by Utilizing the Image Pyramids of Whole-Slide Imaging and Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks

Meeting Report: The International Workshop on Harmonization and Standardization of Digital Pathology Image, Held on April 4, 2019 in Tokyo

Digital Analysis of Immunostaining of ZW10 Interacting Protein in Human Lung Tissues.

Predicting Opportunities and Challenges Prior to Transitioning to Digital Pathology: An Interview Envisioning Study with 11 Pathologists

Diagnostic Validation of a Whole-Slide Imaging Scanner in Cytological Samples: Diagnostic Accuracy and Comparison With Light Microscopy

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