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Vitamin B12 and transcobalamin in bovine milk: Genetic variation and genome-wide association with loci along the genome

A chromosome-level genome assembly for the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus), a reptile model for physiological and evolutionary ecology

Statistical power and heritability in whole-genome association studies for quantitative traits

Creation and judicious application of a wheat resistance gene atlas.

Association of Nucleotide Variants of GRHL3, IRF6, NAT2, SDC2, BCL3, and PVRL1 Genes with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip With/Without Cleft Palate in Multigenerational Families: A Retrospective Study

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A novel 86-bp indel of the motilin receptor gene is significantly associated with growth and carcass traits in Gushi-Anka F2 reciprocal cross chickens

Происхождение, селекция и адаптация российских пород крупного рогатого скота по данным полногеномных исследований

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HIV pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics: From bench to bedside

155 Whole genome association analysis suggests an influence of inbreeding on bull sperm morphometry

Genetic loci for alcohol-related life events and substance-induced affective symptoms: indexing the “dark side” of addiction

Genetics in biliary atresia

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