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A thermo-elasto-viscoplastic constitutive model for polymers

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A ten node tetrahedral Macro-Cosserat Point Element (MCPE): Part II: Nonlinear elastic-viscoplastic materials

A Viscoplastic-Based Fatigue Reliability Model for the Polyimide Dielectric Thin Film

Cyclic viscoplastic behavior of thick spherical vessels under strain controlled loads based on the Chaboche unified model

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Effective behavior of composites with combined kinematic and isotropic hardening based on additive tangent Mori–Tanaka scheme

Predicting viscoplastic anisotropy in the upper mantle: a comparison between experiments and polycrystal plasticity models

On modeling fracture of ferritic steels due to hydrogen embrittlement

Predicting Microstructural Pattern Formation Using Stabilized Spectral Homogenization

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Viscoplastic Response