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Single-dose mRNA vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 in healthcare workers extending 16 weeks post-vaccination: a test-negative design from Quebec, Canada

Vancouver B periprosthetic fractures involving the Exeter cemented stem.

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The 10-year results after national introduction of pelvic lymph node staging in Danish intermediate-risk endometrial cancer patients not given postoperative radiotherapy.

Non-cryopreserved hematopoietic stem cells in autograft patients with lymphoma: a matched-pair analysis comparing a single center experience with the use of cryopreserved stem cells reported to the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation registry.

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Bedside thromboelastography to rapidly assess the pharmacodynamic response of anticoagulants and aspirin in COVID-19: evidence of inadequate therapy in a predominantly minority population

Results of drug-eluting stent in significant restenosis of the hemodialysis access: An initial study.

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Minimal residual disease assessment by multiparameter flow cytometry in transplant-eligible myeloma in the EMN02/HOVON 95 MM trial

Impact of Cell of Origin on Outcomes After Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplant in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma.

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Computed Tomography Angiography Spot Sign, Hematoma Expansion, and Functional Outcome in Spontaneous Cerebellar Intracerebral Hemorrhage

High-sensitivity troponins in dialysis patients: variation and prognostic value

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Association of Adults With Congenital Heart Disease–Specific Care With Clinical Characteristics and Healthcare Use

Reassessing False Discoveries in Mutual Fund Performance: Skill, Luck, or Lack of Power? A Reply

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Impact of loco-regional treatment including radiotherapy in patients presenting with metastatic breast cancer


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Effectiveness of Chlamydia Trachomatis expedited partner therapy in pregnancy.

Effectiveness of Chlamydia Trachomatis expedited partner therapy in pregnancy.

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Inadequately low left ventricular mass in patients with significant aortic stenosis predicts favourable prognostic outcomes

Effect of age and morphology on sustained implantation rate after euploid blastocyst transfer.

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Comparative Performance of Whole Body MRI and 18F-FDG PET/CT in Evaluation of Response to Treatment of Multiple Myeloma: Meta-analysis and Systematic Review.

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Low grade, indolent lymphomas of the head and neck: Comparative toxicity of standard versus very low dose radiation therapy

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A Risk Score Model for Locoregional Recurrence Following Upfront Surgery for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Implications for Adjuvant Therapy.

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Combined protocol for remote ischemic conditioning as the method of cardioprotection in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Association Between Radiological Evidence of Kaplan Fiber Injury, Intraoperative Findings, and Pivot-Shift Grade in the Setting of Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

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Ruxolitinib discontinuation in polycythemia vera: Patient characteristics, outcomes, and salvage strategies from a large multi-institutional database.

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Impact of Race on Clinical Outcomes After Implantation With a Fully Magnetically Levitated Left Ventricular Assist Device

Association of Plaque Features with Infarct Patterns in Patients with Acutely Symptomatic Middle Cerebral Artery Atherosclerotic Disease.

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Ultrasound-Guided Popliteal Nerve Block with Short-Acting Lidocaine in the Surgical Treatment of Ingrown Toenails

Dynamic right ventricular evaluation in pulmonary arterial hypertension using novel ultra-fast cardiac magnetic resonance imaging acquisition

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Lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio predicts survival after cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Early Pregnancy Atherogenic Profile in a First Pregnancy and Hypertension Risk 2 to 7 Years After Delivery

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Comparative effectiveness of surgeon-performed transversus abdominis plane blocks and epidural catheters following open hernia repair with transversus abdominis release

Predictors of Early Infarct Recurrence in Patients With Symptomatic Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease

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Radiographic Imaging in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: A Claims Analysis

High-Oleic Palm Oil (HOPO) Production from Parthenocarpic Fruits in Oil Palm Interspecific Hybrids Using Naphthalene Acetic Acid

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Multiple myeloma and frequency of synchronous and second primary malignancies

Early Exanthema Upon Vemurafenib Plus Cobimetinib Is Associated With a Favorable Treatment Outcome in Metastatic Melanoma: A Retrospective Multicenter DeCOG Study

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Marijuana: An Underappreciated Risk Factor for Acute Type A Aortic Dissection?

Monocytes carrying GFAP detect glioma, brain metastasis and ischaemic stroke, and predict glioblastoma survival

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CDK12 inhibition enhances sensitivity of HER2+ breast cancers to HER2-tyrosine kinase inhibitor via suppressing PI3K/AKT.

New Artificial Intelligence Score and Immune Infiltrates as Prognostic Factors in Colorectal Cancer With Brain Metastases

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Electrophysiological Characteristics of Intra‐Atrial Reentrant Tachycardia in Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Implications for Catheter Ablation

Prevalence of coronary risk factors in contemporary practice among patients undergoing their first percutaneous coronary intervention: Implications for primary prevention

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Comparison of pharmacist- and provider-managed lithium in an inpatient medical center: A 6-month review.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis: a 10-year experience in a burns unit.

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Nonionic surfactant vesicles as a novel drug delivery system for increasing the oral bioavailability of Ginsenoside Rb1

Soluble neprilysin and survival in critically ill patients

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Preventing Pregnancy-Related Mental Health Deaths: Insights From 14 US Maternal Mortality Review Committees, 2008-17.

An Outcomes Review of 330 Sternal Wound Reconstructions: Timing of Closure Does Make a Difference

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Evolution of practices: Early extubation in high-risk infants after pediatric cardiac surgery

Growth Kinetics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Tape Yeast on the Cassava Pulp Fermentation and Its Granular Morphology Changes

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Impact of the Result of Continued Thrombolysis After Stenting Following Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy for Iliofemoral Deep Vein Thrombosis-A Retrospective Study.

Risk factors for prolonged ventilation after the modified Fontan procedure.

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Normative data for pituitary size and volume in the general population between 50 and 66 years

Is There an Association Between Bone Microarchitecture and Fracture in Patients who were Treated for High-grade Osteosarcoma? A Controlled Study at Long-term Follow-up Using High-resolution Peripheral Quantitative CT.

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Pterygium in Onitsha, Nigeria

Short-Term Outcomes of Inguinal Hernia Repair in Older Patients: A Retrospective Review at a Tertiary Center

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Risk of acute pulmonary embolism in COVID-19 pneumonia compared to community-acquired pneumonia: a retrospective case–control study

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Six Versus 12 Weeks of Outpatient Physical Therapy Including Progressive Resistance Training in Cognitively Intact Older Adults After Hip Fracture: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.

Osteoporosis Caused by Systemic Mastocytosis: Prevalence in a Cohort of 8392 Patients with Osteoporosis.

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The Ideal Time for Iron Administration in Anemia Secondary to Blood Loss—An Experimental Animal Model

Mitochondrial dysfunction and serum lactate as a biomarker for the progression and disability in MS and its correlation with the radiological findings

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Clinical Characteristics and Short-Term Outcomes of Chronic Dialysis Patients Admitted for COVID-19 in Metro Manila, Philippines

The impact of high dose oral cotrimoxazole in patients with COVID-19 with hypoxic respiratory failure requiring non-invasive ventilation: A Case Control Study

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Impact of Ramadan Fasting on Migraine Headache

Worsening of migraine headache with fasting Ramadan

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The performance of iPad-based noise-field perimeter versus Humphrey Field Analyser in detecting glaucomatous visual field loss

Clinical and haemodynamic effects of percutaneous edge-to-edge mitral valve repair in atrial versus ventricular functional mitral regurgitation

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12-month outcomes of ranibizumab versus aflibercept for macular oedema in central retinal vein occlusion: data from the FRB! registry.

Comparison of 6-month vascular healing response after bioresorbable polymer versus durable polymer drug-eluting stent implantation in patients with acute coronary syndromes: A randomized serial optical coherence tomography study.

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Effect of Silymarin Treatment on Circulating Bilirubin and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Healthy Men: A Single‐Blind, Randomized Crossover Trial

Assessing the representativeness of trial populations for contemporary real-world cancer patients: A case study of adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer.

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PARP (Poly ADP-Ribose Polymerase) inhibitors for locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

Video directly observed therapy for patients receiving office-based buprenorphine - A pilot randomized controlled trial.

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Patient-ventilator asynchrony as a predictor of weaning failure in mechanically ventilated COPD patients

Premature Atrial Stimulation Accentuates Conduction Abnormalities in Cardiac Surgery Patients that Develop Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation

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Standard stylet-driven Abbott Tendril compared to non-stylet driven Medtronic 3830 in left bundle branch area pacing: procedural duration and acute outcome measures

Evaluating different strategies for poor ovarian response management: a retrospective cohort study and literature review

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An Evaluation of Pediatric Secondary Overtriage in the Pennsylvania Trauma System.

Exploring the resistance mechanisms of second-line osimertinib and their prognostic implications using next-generation sequencing in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer.

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High quality palliative alternative for patients with advanced locoregional (CN3 Stage) penile cancer

Comparison of subretinal versus intravitreal injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator with gas for submacular hemorrhage secondary to wet age-related macular degeneration: treatment outcomes and brief literature review

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Results of Surgical Correction of Funnel-Shaped Deformation of the Chest Children

Epineurectomy of Facial Nerve Trunk for Refractory Oral-Ocular and Oculo-Oral Synkinesis Following Bell Palsy.

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Long-term prognosis of new adult-onset asthma in obese patients

Dexamethasone 12 mg versus 6 mg for patients with COVID-19 and severe hypoxia: an international, randomized, blinded trial

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Drug Shop Intervention to Enhance Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Patent Medicine Vendors for the Control of COVID-19 In Southeastern Nigeria

Impact of a telemonitoring intervention in patients with chronic heart failure in Germany: A difference-in-difference matching approach using real-world data.

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“The Effect of Atrial Septal Defect Closure on Cardiac Volumetric Changes in Adults, Transcatheter Versus Surgical Closure, and the Outcome of Tricuspid Regurgitation, a Pilot Cmr Study”

A randomized, non-crossover, parallel-group analysis of tranexamic acid in minimizing blood loss and transfusions in total knee arthroplasty

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Association between comorbid asthma and prognosis of critically ill patients with severe sepsis: a cohort study

Management of unusual not scar ectopic pregnancy: a multicentre retrospective case series

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Paraconduit Hiatal Hernia Following Esophagectomy: Incidence, Risk Factors, Outcomes and Repair.

Emergency Medical Services Responses to Out‐of‐Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Suspected ST‐Segment–Elevation Myocardial Infarction During the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Los Angeles County

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Retrospective Real-World Outcomes for Patients With ALK-Rearranged Lung Cancer Receiving ALK Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Capecitabine plus temozolomide in patients with grade 3 unresectable or metastatic gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms with Ki-67 index <55%: single-arm phase II study

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