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PRMT4 drives post-ischemic angiogenesis via YB1/VEGF signaling.

Triamcinolone acetonide modulates TGF-β2-induced angiogenic and tissue-remodeling effects in cultured human retinal pigment epithelial cells

Wound Healing Promotion by Hyaluronic Acid: Effect of Molecular Weight on Gene Expression and In Vivo Wound Closure

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miR-181a, delivered by hypoxic PTC-secreted exosomes, inhibits DACT2 by downregulating MLL3, leading to YAP-VEGF-mediated angiogenesis

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The Effect of MicroRNA-126 Mimic Administration on Vascular Perfusion Recovery in an Animal Model of Hind Limb Ischemia

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The Prominin-1 Derived Peptide Improves Cardiac Function Following Ischemia

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LKB1/p53/TIGAR/autophagy-dependent VEGF expression contributes to PM2.5-induced pulmonary inflammatory responses

Dry Eye: The Effect of Chi-Ju-Di-Huang-Wan Plus Si Wu Tang and the Underlying Mechanism.

MicroRNA‑214 upregulates HIF‑1α and VEGF by targeting ING4 in lung cancer cells.

Angiogenesis Changes in Ovariectomized Rats with Osteoporosis Treated with Estrogen Replacement Therapy

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Relationships Between Neurodegeneration and Vascular Damage in Diabetic Retinopathy

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Abstract 1993: Gluthathione peroxidase 2 downregulation in the PyMT mammary tumor model leads to an aggressive phenotype due to stimulation of angiogenesis and tumor stemness via HIF1 alpha signaling

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