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Microstructures evolution and growth kinetics of intermetallic compounds in Cu/Sn/Cu system during ultrasonic soldering process

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Soldering Zr metallic glass to Ti alloy using pre-cladding ultrasonic processes

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Study on the microstructure and mechanical property of Cu-foam modified Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu solder joints by ultrasonic-assisted soldering

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Ultrasonic-assisted soldering of aluminium and copper with Sn–Zn–Bi–Ag solder

Automatic Joining of Electrical Components to Smart Textiles by Ultrasonic Soldering

Characterization of Sn–Sb–Ti Solder Alloy and the Study of Its Use for the Ultrasonic Soldering Process of SiC Ceramics with a Cu–SiC Metal–Ceramic Composite

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Investigation of ultrasound-assisted soldering of SiC ceramics by Zn-Al-In high-temperature solder

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Acoustic analysis of ultrasonic assisted soldering for enhanced adhesion.

Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of 6N01S-T5 aluminum alloy joints with semi-solid solders by ultrasonic soldering

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