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An ultralow dose paclitaxel coated drug balloon with an outer protective sheath for peripheral arterial disease treatment.

Direct energy spectrum measurement of X‐ray from a clinical linac

Improving the sensitivity of T1 contrast-enhanced MRI and sensitive diagnosing tumors with ultralow doses of MnO octahedrons

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Evaluation of low dose hyperbaric bupivacaine with or without fentanyl in perianal surgeries: A prospective randomized double blind trial

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Antiangiogenesis Combined with Inhibition of the Hypoxia Pathway Facilitates Low-Dose, X-ray-Induced Photodynamic Therapy.

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Efficacy and Safety of Ultra Low Dose Oral Contraceptive Pills in Rural Indian Women - A Prospective, Open Label Study

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Indirect monitoring of ultralow dose API content in continuous wet granulation and tableting by machine vision.

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Cancer interception by interceptor molecules: mechanistic, preclinical and human translational studies with chlorophylls

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TB and SIV Coinfection; a Model for Evaluating Vaccine Strategies against TB Reactivation in Asian Origin Cynomolgus Macaques: A Pilot Study Using BCG Vaccination

Influence of Low-Dose Protocols of CBCT on Dental Implant Planning.

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Improved diagnostics of infectious diseases in emergency departments: a protocol of a multifaceted multicentre diagnostic study

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Academic cosmetic gynaecology and energy-based therapies: ambiguities, explorations, and FDA advisories

A cobalt-doped iron oxide nanozyme as a highly active peroxidase for renal tumor catalytic therapy

PVA reinforced gossypolone and doxorubicin π-π stacking nanoparticles towards tumor targeting and ultralow dose synergistic chemotherapy.

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Atomic Spatial and Temporal Imaging of Local Structures and Light Elements inside Zeolite Frameworks.

Prophylaxis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Infection in a Preclinical Mouse Model via Inhalation of Nebulized Bacteriophage D29

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Ultralow dose computed tomography protocol for hook‐wire localization of solitary pulmonary nodules prior to video‐assisted thoracoscopic surgery

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Unravelling the syndrome of age associated diseases 2: Targeting autoimmunity with anti-CD20 antibodies to reduce age-associated diseases

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Ultralow Dose Dynamic Expiratory Computed Tomography for Evaluation of Tracheomalacia

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Ultralow doses of dextromethorphan protect mice from endotoxin-induced sepsis-like hepatotoxicity.

Stimulation of Nucleotide Oligomerization Domain and Toll-Like Receptors 2 to Enhance the Effect of Bacillus Calmette Guerin Immunization for Prevention of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection: Protocol for a Series of Preclinical Randomized Controlled Trials

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Low-dose Computed Tomography Scans for Postoperative Evaluation of Craniomaxillofacial Fractures: A Pilot Clinical Study

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