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Effect of Nitride Passivation on Cu Surface for Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding

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Two-step plasma mediated synthesis of mullite and sillimanite powder and their suspensive spray coating on stainless steel

Process Modeling and Evaluation of Plasma-Assisted Ethylene Production from Methane

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Deoxidation of Ti Melt by Newly Developed Two-Step Plasma Arc Melting Process Using Hydrogen

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Corrosion-protection of moulded graphite conductive plastic bipolar plates in PEM electrolysis by plasma processing

Formation of metallic nanowire and nanonet structures on the surface of SiO2 by combine plasma etching processes

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Morphology, composition and electrochemical properties of bioactive-TiO2/HA on CP-Ti and Ti6Al4V substrates fabricated by alkali treatment of hybrid plasma electrolytic oxidation process (estimation of porosity from EIS results)

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