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GRB 140102A: Insight into Prompt Spectral Evolution and Early Optical Afterglow Emission

Raman spectroscopy for petrology : recent scientific milestones, technological trends and challenges

Role of the Perfluoro Effect in the Selective Photochemical Isomerization of Hexafluorobenzene.

Red-Emissive Cell-Penetrating Polymer Dots Exhibiting Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence for Cellular Imaging.

An effective oxygen content detection in phosphorescence of PtOEP-C6/Poly (St-co-TFEMA).

A test of the planet–star unipolar inductor for magnetic white dwarfs

Multiphoton Control of 6π Photocyclization via State-Dependent Reactant-Product Correlations.

Improving acceptor efficacy rather than energy transfer efficiency: dominant contribution of monomers of the acceptors modified on upconversion nanoparticles

Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of photovoltaic and photosynthetic systems

Electron Transfer Quenching of Rhodamine 6G by N-Methylpyrrole Is an Unproductive Process in the Photocatalytic Heterobiaryl Cross-Coupling Reaction.

Chromatophores efficiently promote light-driven ATP synthesis and DNA transcription inside hybrid multicompartment artificial cells

Broadband time-resolved spectroscopy of thermonuclear X-ray bursts from 4U 1636-536 using AstroSat

Relationship between Changes in Cerebral Blood Volume During Hypoxic-ischemic Insult and Early Period after Insult

Time evolution of copper-aluminum alloy laser-produced plasmas in vacuum

Acridones: Strongly Emissive HIGHrISC Fluorophores.

Early-stage dynamics of chloride ion–pumping rhodopsin revealed by a femtosecond X-ray laser

Ab initio nonadiabatic molecular dynamics of charge carriers in metal halide perovskites.

Solution-Grown Chloride Perovskite Crystal of Red Afterglow.

Defect-mediated electron transfer in photocatalysts.

Dimensions of fluorescence kinetic concentration of doped morphology homologs synthesized by TCPP and UiO-66 MOF

Ultrafast Transient Holographic Microscopy.

The roAp Stars Observed by the Kepler Space Telescope

Synthesis, characterization and photophysics of novel BODIPY linked to dumbbell systems based on Fullerene[60]pyrrolidine and Fullerene[60]isoxazoline

Key interactions with deazariboflavin cofactor for light-driven energy transfer in Xenopus (6-4) photolyase.

Correlation of Plasma Amino Acid and Anthropometric Profiles with Brown Adipose Tissue Density in Humans

Phosphorescence quenching study of Cu(II)-ions-induced Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots revealed by intensity- and lifetime-resolved spectroscopy

Funneling dynamics in a phenylacetylene trimer: Coherent excitation of donor excitonic states and their superposition.

Spatiotemporal imaging of anisotropic charge transfer in photocatalyst particles

On the photophysics of nanographenes - investigation of functionalized hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes as model systems.

Solvent Effects on Linear and Multi-branched Bithiazole-based Derivatives Fluorescence Studied by Steady-state and Time-resovled Spectroscopy

Excitonic Dynamics in Janus MoSSe and WSSe Monolayers.

Signal enhancement in underwater long-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the analysis of bulk water

Direct Energy Transfer from Allophycocyanin-Free Rod-Type CpcL-Phycobilisome to Photosystem I.

Momentarily trapped exciton polaron in two-dimensional lead halide perovskites

Hybrid Perovskite Terahertz Photoconductive Antenna

TD-DFT Simulation and Experimental Studies of a Mirrorless Lasing of Poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl)-co-(1,4-diphenylene-vinylene-2-methoxy-5-{2-ethylhexyloxy}-benzene)]

Tailoring NIR-II photoluminescence of single thiolated Au25 nanoclusters by selective binding to proteins

Incorporating a molecular antenna in diatom microalgae cells enhances photosynthesis

Fluorescent Liquid Tetrazines

Interfacial charge transfer of heterojunction photocatalysts: Characterization and calculation

Cerebral blood volume increment after resuscitation measured by near-infrared time-resolved spectroscopy can estimate degree of hypoxic–ischemic insult in newborn piglets

Interplay between chromophore binding and domain assembly by the B12-dependent photoreceptor protein, CarH†

Cerebral hemodynamics during neonatal transition according to mode of delivery

Coherent Acoustic Interferometry during the Photodriven Oxygen Evolution Reaction Associates Strain Fields with the Reactive Oxygen Intermediate (Ti-OH*).

Photoluminescence of the undoped and Bi3+ - Doped Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 garnets

Efficient Energy Funneling in Spatially Tailored Segmented Conjugated Block Copolymer Nanofiber-Quantum Dot or Rod Conjugates.

Ultra-small PbS nanocrystals as sensitizers for red-to-blue triplet-fusion upconversion

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Activating [FeFe] hydrogenase mimic for hydrogen evolution under visible light

Brown adipose tissue density, determined by total hemoglobin concentration in the supraclavicular region, is associated with body adiposity in children

Real-time dynamics of strongly correlated fermions using auxiliary field quantum Monte Carlo.

Interrogating Light-initiated Dynamics in Metal-Organic Frameworks with Time-resolved Spectroscopy.

Simultaneous layer exfoliation and defect activation in g-C3N4 nanosheets with air–water interfacial plasma: spectroscopic defect probing with tailored optical properties

Earth-abundant iron(iii) species serves as a cocatalyst boosting the multielectron reduction of IO3−/I− redox shuttle in Z-scheme photocatalytic water splitting

Properties of Photosystem II lacking the PsbJ subunit.

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Hydrogen atom and water complex determine the excited state dynamics of 8-azaguanine

Aggregation, energy transfer and intramolecular charge transfer in donor-acceptor-donor BODIPY derivative lead to single component white light emission

Two-step Dynamics of Photoinduced Phonon Entanglement Generation between Remote Electron–Phonon Systems

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388 W multipass cell broadening supporting few-cycle pulse duration

Polariton-assisted excitation energy channeling in organic heterojunctions

The switchable phosphorescence and delayed fluorescence of a new rhodamine-like dye through allenylidene formation in a cyclometallated platinum(ii) system

Fluorescence resonance energy transfer-thermal lens spectrometry (FRET-TLS) as molecular counting of methamphetamine

High-Pressure Mechanistic Insight into Bioinorganic NO Chemistry

Modular Synthesis of Pentagonal and Hexagonal Ring-Fused NBN-Phenalenes Leading to an Excited-State Aromatization-Induced Structural Planarization Molecular Library.

Investigating polaron dynamics in PM6:Y6 films for use in organic photovoltaics using time-resolved infrared spectroscopy

Particle Swarm Optimisation for Analysing Time-Dependent Photoluminescence Data

Searching for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction markers by absorption spectra analysis of exhaled air samples

Relationship between an index of brown adipose tissue density in the supraclavicular region and leg muscle strength

Real-time observation of photoionization-induced water migration dynamics in 4-methylformanilide-water by picosecond time-resolved infrared spectroscopy and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations.

Nanoscale molecular clusters coupled to nanostructured surfaces

Cyan-Light-Emitting Chalcogenometallate Phosphor, KGaS2:Eu2+, for Phosphor-Converted White Light-Emitting Diodes.

[FeFe] Hydrogenase based Prototype Photosensitizer-Catalyst Dyad for Hydrogen Generation under Visible Light

Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of strontium magnesium silicate phosphors for white afterglow applications

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Attosecond Molecular Dynamics and Spectroscopy

Phototherapy of Brain Tumours Using a Fibre Optic Neurosystem

Time-resolved spectroscopy of collinear femtosecond and nanosecond dual-pulse laser-induced Cu plasmas

Properties of Photosystem II lacking the PsbJ subunit

Photospheric Radius Expansion and a Double-peaked Type-I X-Ray Burst from GRS 1741.9–2853

Photoexcitation dynamics in hybrid associates of Ag2S quantum dots with methylene blue

AI-based spectroscopic monitoring of real-time interactions between SARS-CoV-2 and human ACE2

Minimizing the Time-Dependent Density Functional Error in Ehrenfest Dynamics.

The precessing jets of classical nova YZ Reticuli

Spontaneous-reduction and photoluminescence tuning in singly-doped Ba5-Ca (PO4)3Cl:Eu2+/Eu3+ phosphors

Spatio-temporal frequency domain imaging using time-resolving CMOS image sensor and stripe pattern projection

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Time Resolved Four-Wave Mixing in Nanocomposites

Novel scintillating nanocomposite for X-ray induced photodynamic therapy

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Morphological and photophysical study in hybrid ternary organic nanoparticles blends

Laser-Plasma and Self-Absorption Measurements with Applications to Analysis of Atomic and Molecular Stellar Astrophysics Spectra

Time-resolved near infrared spectroscopy in ischemic stroke patients

Ultrafast dynamics of laser from green conjugated-oligomer in solution

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Spectroscopic Measurement of Active Species Generated in Streamer Discharge on Water Surface

Optical study of the transition metals (M=Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu) doped M-CdS/ZnS core/shell nanoparticles

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Multidiagnostics setups for magnetoplasmas devoted to astrophysics and nuclear astrophysics research in compact traps

Effect of Post-Thermal Annealing on the Performance and Charge Photogeneration Dynamics of PffBT4T-2OD/PC71BM Solar Cells

Graphene quantum dots and carbon nano dots for the FRET based detection of heavy metal ions

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