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More Hype Than Substance? A Meta-Analysis on Job and Task Rotation

Age-related differences in the error-related negativity and error positivity in children and adolescents are moderated by sample and methodological characteristics: A meta-analysis

The response of agronomic characters and rice yield to organic fertilization in subtropical China: A three-level meta-analysis

Substance use disorders and suicidality in youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis with a focus on the direction of the association

The Association between Interparental Conflict and Youth Anxiety: A Three-level Meta-analysis

How Is Intelligence Test Performance Associated with Creative Achievement? A Meta-Analysis

The Effects of Extinction in Multiple Spatial Contexts on Fear Recovery in Animals and Humans: a Meta-analysis Protocol

Cognitive function in binge eating disorder and food addiction: A systematic review and three-level meta-analysis

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Self-regulated learning training programs enhance university students’ academic performance, self-regulated learning strategies, and motivation: A meta-analysis

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P69 A comprehensive systematic review and multilevel meta-analysis of the ethnic density effect in psychosis

Adolescent Empathy Influences Bystander Defending in School Bullying: A Three-Level Meta-Analysis

The Relationship between Intelligence and Divergent Thinking—A Meta-Analytic Update

The Efficacy of Psychological Intervention on Body Image in Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors: A Systematic-Review and Meta-Analysis

Meta-analysis on reporting practices as a source of heterogeneity in in vitro cancer research

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