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Sign Language Recognition System

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An unconditionally energy-stable second-order time-accurate numerical scheme for the coupled Cahn–Hilliard system in copolymer/homopolymer mixtures

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Sequences in architecture: Sergei Ejzenštejn and Luigi Moretti, from images to spaces

Domestic egg-laying hens, Gallus gallus domesticus, do not modulate flapping flight performance in response to wing condition

La trama en el espacio tridimensional. La aplicación de un recurso gráfico complementario en el nuevo edificio de la Fondation Louis Vuitton

Covalent organic framework-based materials: Synthesis, modification, and application in environmental remediation

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Tortuosity in two-dimensional and three-dimensional fractal porous media: A numerical analysis

Visual Communication for Students’ Creative Thinking in the Design Studio: Translating Filmic Spaces into Spatial Design

Computational analysis of different Pseudoplatystoma species patterns the Caputo-Fabrizio derivative

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Effect of Hydrophobicity and Surface Potential of Silicon on SiO2 Etching in Nanometer-Sized Narrow Spaces

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The importance of inclusivity in supporting colour-blindness study case: Gelora Bung Karno

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On some basic aspects of flexoelectricity in the mechanics of materials

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Learning to Breathe Again: Found Poems and Critical Friendship as Methodological Tools in Self-Study of Teaching Practices

A Topology Optimization Method for Stochastic Lattice Structures

Modelling three‐dimensional space to design prey refuges using video game software

Linear and energy stable schemes for the Swift–Hohenberg equation with quadratic-cubic nonlinearity based on a modified scalar auxiliary variable approach

On the Evolutionary Dynamics of the Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Cut-Off Mass Source

Detection of Groups of Point Objects in Spaces of Different Dimensions Based upon Spatial Compactness Criterion

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Capitalism without capital: the intangible economy of education reform

DMLPG method for numerical simulation of soliton collisions in multi-dimensional coupled damped nonlinear Schrödinger system which arises from Bose-Einstein condensates

Direct Simulation of Moderately Rarefied Gas Flows within Core Samples

Pore structure and fractal characteristics of Ordovician Majiagou carbonate reservoirs in Ordos Basin, China

New Mixed Elements for Maxwell Equations

Stability of pyramidal traveling fronts in the degenerate monostable and combustion equations II

An optimal curvature smoothing method and the associated real-time interpolation for the trajectory generation of flying robots

Dynamic Plume Tracking by Cooperative Robots

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Actor training for motion capture: filling the void with voice and body

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An adjoint based pressure boundary optimal control approach for fluid-structure interaction problems

Mitigation of progressive collapse in steel structures using a new passive connection

Quantifying Nutritional Trade-Offs across Multidimensional Performance Landscapes

Closed-loop randomized kinodynamic path planning for an autonomous underwater vehicle

Beyond scalar, vector and tensor harmonics in maximally symmetric three-dimensional spaces

Critical time-step for central difference integration schemes in discrete methods: Translational and rotational degrees of freedom

Uso de Realidade Aumentada associada a Building Information Modeling para visualização de dados em ativos de Subestações de Energia Elétrica

Delimitation of Regions of Interest in Similarity Queries Visualization

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