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Structural characteristics and storage control function of the Shun I fault zone in the Shunbei region, Tarim Basin

Seismic energy radiation and along-strike heterogeneities of shallow tectonic tremors at the Nankai Trough and Japan Trench

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An integrated multi-scale fracability evaluation method for tight sandstone reservoir

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Evolution of prototype basin and analysis of lithofacies paleogeography in Hongqi depression

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Seismic imaging of an active fluid conduit below Scanner Pockmark, Central North Sea

New geomechanical application utilizing MWD gamma ray logs: An Eagle Ford case study

Effect of Sand Body Enrichment Under the Restriction of a Tectonic Transfer Zone: A Case Study on the Pinghu Formation in the Kongqueting Region on the Pinghu Slope

Deformation scale using harmonic curvature analysis: A case study from the Hamersley Province

From seismic geomorphology to hydrostratigraphic units: spatial and temporal variations of deltaic to fluvial architecture, Pannonian Basin, Hungary

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Signal analysis between DAS and geophones in a vertical borehole from active and passive sources

Seismic Characteristics of Paleo-Pockmarks in the Great South Basin, New Zealand

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Progradation of a middle Eocene carbonate slope system, Assamoud Field, Sirte Basin, north central Libya – Implications on the dynamics of lateral growth of isolated carbonate platforms

A Possible Roll-Over Slab Geometry Under the Caroline Plate Imaged by Monte Carlo Finite-Frequency Traveltime Inversion of Teleseismic SS Phases

Seismic geomorphology, architecture and genesis of unusual confined and semiconfined sedimentary units on the northern slope of the Bonan uplift, Bohai Bay Basin, China

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Development characteristics and formation mechanism of two-phase transfer zone during rifting in Wushi Sag, Beibuwan Basin, South China Sea

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Enhancing Fault Detection Using Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Network and Unconventional Seismic Attributes

Distribution and controlling factors of the oolitic shoal deposits in the sequence stratigraphic framework: a case study of the Lower Triassic Feixianguan Formation, eastern Sichuan Basin, China

Controls on the origin and evolution of deep-ocean trench-axial channels

Multiphase activation of the boundary fault system of the eastern Dampier subbasin, Northwest Shelf of Australia

Delineation of reservoir channels by different seismic attributes and geobody extractions for robust volumetric estimation, Saffron Field, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt

3D Tomography based on the aftershock sequence of the 2016 Mw 7.8 Pedernales, Ecuador earthquake

Structural characteristics and storage control function of the Shun I fault zone in the Shunbei region, Tarim Basin

Variability and Main Controlling Factors of Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation in the Lower Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks of the Tazhong Uplift, the Tarim Basin, Northwest China

The Effect of Multi-Scale Faults and Fractures on Oil Enrichment and Production in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study in the Southwestern Ordos Basin, China

Three-dimensional numerical modelling of site effects in the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and Coliseum archaeological area

Application of 3D Aeismic for Justification and Characterization of Geological and Geophysical Conditions in Mmining Geology

Characteristics of barrier layers and interlayers in reservoirs deposited in fan delta front and their influence on development: a case study of the Yulou oil-bearing sets in Liaohe Basin in China

New statistical quantification of the impact of active deformation on the distribution of submarine channels

Induced Seismicity Completeness Analysis for Improved Data Mining

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Fine numerical simulation of deep carbonate gas reservoir in northwest Sichuan

Influence of hydrological communication between basement-rooted faults and hydraulic fractures on induced seismicity: A case study

Relating seafloor geomorphology to subsurface architecture: How mass‐transport deposits and knickpoint‐zones build the stratigraphy of the deep‐water Hikurangi Channel

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Formation Mechanisms and Distribution Law of Effective Volcanic Reservoirs -- Taking Carboniferous Volcanic Reservoirs in Malang Depression of Santanghu Basin as an Example

Anisotropic Rock Model-Guided Post-Stack Attribute Analysis With Pore Type and Production Data for a Carbonate Gas Reservoir

Localized strata-bound domino faulting offshore Espírito Santo Basin (southeastern Brazil): The case for sudden release of fluid in salt-withdrawal basins

Effect on Rocking Vibration Due to Characteristics Uncertainty of Three-Dimensional Seismic Isolation System

Past Amazon Basin fluvial systems, insight into the Cenozoic sequences using seismic geomorphology (Marañón Basin, Peru)

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