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Asymmetry between the dominant and non-dominant legs in the lower limb biomechanics during single-leg landings in females

UAV Three-dimensional Formation Keeping Controller Design

Influence of neutral and stability athletic footwear on lower extremity coordination variability during a prolonged treadmill run in male rearfoot runners

The effect of a reduced first step width on starting block and first stance power and impulses during an athletic sprint start

Thoracic spinal kinematics is affected by the grade of intervertebral disc degeneration, but not by the presence of the ribs: An in vitro study.

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Factors affecting performance in elite finger-spin bowling

Pelvic floor muscles after birth : do unstable shoes have an effect on pelvic floor activity and can this be measured reliably? – a feasibility study

Impact of diabetic neuropathy severity on foot clearance complexity and variability during walking.

Biomechanical analysis of users of multi-articulating externally powered prostheses with and without their device

Mapping the Galactic disk with red clump stars from LAMOST and Gaia II: 3D asymmetrical kinematics of mono-age populations in the disk between 6-14 kpc

Gait kinematics & kinetics at three walking speeds in individuals with chronic ankle instability and ankle sprain copers.

The influence of prolonged running and footwear on lower extremity biomechanics

Experimental Study to Improve “Federica” Prosthetic Hand and Its Control System

The Effects of Cognitive Loading on Motor Behavior in Injured Individuals: A Systematic Review

Biomechanical evaluation of lumbar lateral interbody fusion for the treatment of adjacent segment disease.

Dynamic hip kinematics during recreational classical ballet and hula dance after total hip arthroplasty: two case reports

Hinged ankle braces do not alter knee mechanics during sidestep cutting.

Upper body kinematic differences between maximum front crawl and backstroke swimming.


Verbal Instruction Reduces Patellofemoral Joint Loading During Bodyweight Squatting.

The influence of sagittal trunk posture on the magnitude and rate of patellofemoral joint stress during stair ascent in asymptomatic females.

Coordination and variability during anticipated and unanticipated sidestepping.

Single-Session Video and Electromyography Feedback in Overhead Athletes With Scapular Dyskinesis and Impingement Syndrome.

Kinematic determinants of performance parameters during golf swing

The association between cognition and dual-tasking among older adults: the effect of motor function type and cognition task difficulty

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