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In-Process Measurement of Three-Dimensional Deformations Based on Speckle Photography

Standard mirror mounting deformation analysis of large diameter optical interference measurement system

Application of three-dimensional diagnostics on the direct-current electric-field assisted combustion

Mechanically sensing and tailoring electronic properties in two-dimensional atomic membranes

Research review of large deformation monitoring of rock and soil

A modified Landau phenomenological constitutive model for the tension–compression asymmetry in one-dimensional Shape Memory Alloys

An Improved Multi-Platform Stacked D-InSAR Method for Monitoring the Three-Dimensional Deformation of the Mining Area

Mechanochemical induction of wrinkling morphogenesis on elastic shells.

A New Model for three-dimensional Deformation Extraction with Single-track InSAR Based on Mining Subsidence Characteristics

PEDOT:PSS/PVA/Te ternary composite fibers toward flexible thermoelectric generator

Discrimination of adhesion and viscoelasticity from nanoscale maps of polymer surfaces using bimodal atomic force microscopy.

Mechanical and possible auxetic properties of human Achilles tendon during in vitro testing to failure

A Monitoring Method Integrating Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Different Landslide Deformation Patterns

A Hybrid Method for the Online Evaluation of Stress Fields in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Self-Locomotive Soft Actuator Based on Asymmetric Microstructural Ti3C2Tx MXene Film Driven by Natural Sunlight Fluctuation.

Effect of discrete roller dies on the contour accuracy of profiles in multi-point flexible stretch-bending forming

Real-time CT image generation based on voxel-by-voxel modeling of internal deformation by utilizing the displacement of fiducial markers.

Experiments on sound reflection and production by choked nozzle flows subject to acoustic and entropy waves

Parallel Accelerated Algorithm Optimization for Speckle Matching in Deformation Measurement Based on Stereo Vision

Speckle photographic in-process measurement of three-dimensional deformations in running manufacturing processes

In Situ Computed Tomography—Analysis of a Single-Lap Shear Test with Clinch Points

Two-Sheet Type Rotary-Driven Thin Bending Mechanism Realizing High Stiffness

Time Series InSAR Three-Dimensional Displacement Inversion Model of Coal Mining Areas Based on Symmetrical Features of Mining Subsidence

Three-Dimensional Deformation of Warp-Knitted Spacer Fabrics Under Tensile Loading

Non-material Finite Elements for Spatial Deformations of Belts

Robust Insertion Control for Precision Assembly With Passive Compliance Combining Vision and Force Information

Exceptional crystal strain hardening determined over macro- to micro- to nano-size scales in continuous spherical indentation tests

Processes of Cracking and Crushing in Hybrid Fibre Reinforced High-Performance Concrete Slabs

Laser Forming of Metal Foam: Mechanisms, Efficiency and Prediction

Numerical Study of Interaction of Two Deformable Bubbles in an Acoustic Field

Activity Characteristics and Safety distance of Gaoliying Ground Fissure in Beijing

Measured behaviors of an oversized irregular basement excavation and its surrounding responses in thick soft clay

MorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible Interaction

Highly Stretchable and Durable Conductive Knitted Fabrics for the Skins of Soft Robots.

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Pre-treatment for preventing degradation of measurement accuracy from speckle noise in speckle interferometry

Investigation of Three-Dimensional Deformation Behavior due to Long and Large Excavation in Soft Clays

A viscoelastic nonlinear compressible material model of lung parenchyma - Experiments and numerical identification.

Research on deformation law and mechanism for milling micro thin wall with mixed boundaries of titanium alloy in mesoscale

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