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Влияние параметров элементарной ячейки тетрахирального механического метаматериала на его эффективные свойства

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Geometric Response and Disclination-Induced Skin Effects in Non-Hermitian Systems.

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Enhanced circular dichroism and biosensing application of planar chiral nanostructure by covering graphene nanobelts

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A disposable dual-signal enantioselective electrochemical sensor based on stereogenic porous chiral carbon nanotubes hydrogel.

Self-rotating 3D chiral mechanical metamaterials

Sequential Symmetry-Breaking Events as a Synthetic Pathway for Chiral Gold Nanostructures with Spiral Geometries.

Manipulating valley-polarized photoluminescence of MoS2 monolayer at off resonance wavelength with a double-resonance strategy

Multi-focus multi-photon 3D printing of microstructured chiral mechanical metamaterials with large characteristic length

Three-dimensional chiral magnetization structures in FeGe nanospheres

Imaging Chiral Materials with Photon-Induced Near-Field Electron Microscopy

Self-assembled peptide functionalized gold nanopolyhedrons with excellent chiral optical properties.

Light polarization dependency existing in the biological photosystem and possible implications for artificial antenna systems

Ultrasound experiments on acoustical activity in chiral mechanical metamaterials

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Metric-Torsion Duality of Optically Chiral Structures.

Fast and Efficient Calculations of Structural Invariants of Chirality

Some features of semiclassical chiral transport in rotating frames

The Rise of (Chiral) 3D Mechanical Metamaterials

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Machine Learning Topological Phases with a Solid-State Quantum Simulator.

Circularly polarized light detector based on 2D embedded chiral nanostructures

Fabrication of chiral channel in three-dimensional photonic crystal using projection microstereolithography

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