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Experimental Characterization and Modeling Multifunctional Properties of Epoxy/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites

A study of modeling assumptions and adaptive remeshing for thermomechanical finite element modeling of the LPBF process

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Coupled Physics Simulation of Fracture in Nuclear Fuel Pellets Induced by Resistive Heating

Geochronology and geochemistry data for the Elbrus, Tyrnyauz, and Chegem magmatic centers, Greater Caucasus, Russia

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Young Silicic Magmatism of the Greater Caucasus, Russia, with implication for its delamination origin based on zircon petrochronology and thermomechanical modeling

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Thermal conductivity of nano- and micro-crystalline diamond films studied by photothermal excitation of cantilever structures

A phase-field thermomechanical framework for modeling failure and crack evolution in glass panes under fire

Microcrack mitigation during laser scanning of tungsten via preheating and alloying strategies

Thermomechanical Modeling of Laser Ablation Therapy of Tumors: Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Influential Variables.

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Using Element Birth and Death Technique in Modeling Cumulative Molded Substrate Expansion before Singulation

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Monitoring of service life consumption for tubular solar receivers: Review of contemporary thermomechanical and damage modeling approaches

A CFD-FEM Model of Residual Stress for Electron Beam Welding Including the Weld Imperfection Effect

Thermomechanical Modeling of High-Temperature Bonded Interface Materials

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Microscopic degradation and failure processes in high-power diode lasers

Isotopic and Petrologic Investigation, and a Thermomechanical Model of Genesis of Large-Volume Rhyolites in Arc Environments: Karymshina Volcanic Complex, Kamchatka, Russia

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Understanding the isotopic and chemical evolution of Yellowstone hot spot magmatism using magmatic-thermomechanical modeling

Thermal behavior characterization of a kilowatt-power-level cryogenically cooled Yb:YAG active mirror laser amplifier

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