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Strengthening English Language Teaching in Rural Schools through the Role-Playing: Teachers’ Motivations

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Construction and validation of Iranian EFL teachers’ teaching motivation scale

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Motivation and provision in teacher education: context, culture and capacity

The Effect of Social Media Networking Use in EFL Classrooms in Saudi Arabia: An Argumentative Review

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Pre-service teachers’ motivations for choosing teaching as a career: does subject interest matter?

Teachers’ Self-Efficacy: The Role of Personal Values and Motivations for Teaching

Motives of Pre-service Classroom Teachers for Sports Activity Participation

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The complex interplay of variables in studying teacher education

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Professional Development of Italian Primary School Teachers who Teach English. What Prospects after B1 Certification

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Teachers’ motivations for master’s degree programs in education in Israeli teacher training institutions and the implications for government policy-making concerning those programs

The Role of Emotions in Teachers’ Professional Development: Attending a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Program

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