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Cardiac symptom burden and arrhythmia recurrence drives digital health use: results from the iHEART randomized controlled trial.

Combining CGM and an Online Peer Support Community for Hispanic Adults with T2D: A Feasibility Study.

Characterizing the COVID-19 illness experience to inform the study of post-acute sequelae and recovery: a qualitative study

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Victim and perpetrator characteristics in alcohol/drug-involved sexual violence victimization in the U.S.

151-OR: Using a CGM plus Online Peer Support Community Intervention to Address Health Disparities

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Adapting a Nutrition Education Curriculum for Spanish-Speaking Adults Experiencing Low-Income: Recommendations from Key Stakeholders.

Examining the Relationship Between Roe v. Wade Knowledge and Sentiment Across Political Party and Abortion Identity

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The significance of culture in language learning: working with adult EFL learners in Mexico

Conducting Internet-Based Visits for Onboarding Populations With Limited Digital Literacy to an mHealth Intervention: Development of a Patient-Centered Approach

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Associations between frequent pain or headaches and neurobehavioral symptoms by gender and TBI severity

Reducing Hypertension in a Post-Stroke Black and Hispanic Homecare Population: Results of a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial.

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Accuracy of verbal fluency tests in the discrimination of mild cognitive impairment and probable Alzheimer’s disease in older Spanish monolingual individuals

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