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Single-component organic solar cells with over 11% efficiency

Revealing the Side-Chain Dependent Ordering Transition of Highly-Crystalline Double-Cable Conjugated Polymers.

A benzo[ghi]-perylene triimide based double-cable conjugated polymer for single-component organic solar cells

Single-fluorogen polymers with color-tunable aggregation-induced emission

Enhancement of p-type thermoelectric power factor by low-temperature calcination in carbon nanotube thermoelectric films containing cyclodextrin polymer and Pd

Effects of alkyl side chains of double-cable conjugated polymers on the photovoltaic performance of single-component organic solar cells

Narrow-Bandgap Single-Component Polymer Solar Cells with Approaching 9% Efficiency.

Single-Component Organic Solar Cells Based on Intramolecular Charge Transfer Photoabsorption

Free Charge Photogeneration in a Single Component High Photovoltaic Efficiency Organic Semiconductor

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Electronic property trends of single-component organic molecular crystals containing C, N, O, and H

Single-Component Organic Solar Cells with Competitive Performance

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