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Tracking the fate and migration of cells in live animals with cell-cycle indicators and photoconvertible proteins

Characterization of Gene Expression Signatures for the Identification of Cellular Heterogeneity in the Developing Mammary Gland

Single-cell trajectory inference guided enhancement of thyroid maturation in vitro using TGF-beta inhibition

Exploiting Single-Cell Tools in Gene and Cell Therapy

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Evaluation of a marker independent isolation method for circulating tumor cells in esophageal adenocarcinoma

Single-Cell Trajectory Inference Guided Enhancement of Thyroid Maturation In Vitro Using TGF-Beta Inhibition

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HER2 Isoforms Uniquely Program Intratumor Heterogeneity and Predetermine Breast Cancer Trajectories During the Occult Tumorigenic Phase

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Nausea and the Brain: The Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone Enters the Molecular Age

Optimal Transport improves cell-cell similarity inference in single-cell omics data

stochprofML: stochastic profiling using maximum likelihood estimation in R

Taming Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia With Machine Learning

Modeling non-genetic dynamics of cancer cell states measured by single-cell analysis: Uncovering bifurcations that explain why treatment either kills a cancer cell or makes it resistant

Addressing cellular heterogeneity in tumor and circulation for refined prognostication

Multiplexed laser particles for spatially resolved single-cell analysis

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Abstract 1031: Single-cell analysis reveals a possibility of epithelial to circulating tumor cell transition (ECT) when tumor cells enter into the bloodstream

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A topological view of human CD34+ cell state trajectories from integrated single-cell output and proteomic data.

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New insights into hematopoietic differentiation landscapes from single-cell RNA sequencing.

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Integrative Modeling and Novel Technologies in Human Genomics

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Circulating biomarkers predictive of tumor response to cancer immunotherapy

Supervised classification enables rapid annotation of cell atlases

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