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Descents in $t$-Sorted Permutations.

On symmetry of Birkhoff orthogonality in the positive cones of C⁎-algebras with applications

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2 × 2 Matrices: The Donoghue and Hansen–Tomiyama Theorems

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Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive polyphenols

Asymptotic Network Robustness

Positivity of Mixed Multiplicities of Filtrations

Equilibrium Securitization with Diverse Beliefs

Structural Oscillatority Analysis of Boolean Networks

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Supply chain finance schemes in the procurement of agricultural products

Quotients by Idempotent Functions in Cedille

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The structure of useful topologies

Dynamic Inverse Wave Problems - Part II: Operator Identification and Applications

Using Beerkan experiments to estimate hydraulic conductivity of a crusted loamy soil in a Mediterranean vineyard

Lateral torsional buckling analysis of moment resisting plane frames

Sums of integers and sums of their squares

Stable isotope tracers: Enriching our perspectives and questions on sources, fates, rates, and pathways of major elements in aquatic systems

Recent Advances in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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An analytical solution to the budget-pacing problem in programmatic advertising

Statistics and characterization of matrices by determinant and trace

AWGN-Goodness Is Enough: Capacity-Achieving Lattice Codes Based on Dithered Probabilistic Shaping

A stable quantum Darmois-Skitovich theorem.

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Fast determination of lignocellulosic composition of poplar biomass by thermogravimetry

On barycenters of probability measures

Characterizations of graphs G having all [1, k]-factors in kG

Copositive and Positive Quadratic Forms on Matrices

The Pipeline Performance Model: A Generic Executable Performance Model for GPUs

Imaging of Seismogenic Asperities of the 2016 ML 6.0 Amatrice, Central Italy, Earthquake Through Dynamic Rupture Simulations

Generalized Fitch Graphs: Edge-labeled Graphs that are explained by Edge-labeled Trees

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Persuasion and Incentives Through the Lens of Duality

Asymptotic Rate-Distortion Analysis of Symmetric Remote Gaussian Source Coding: Centralized Encoding vs. Distributed Encoding

Animal movement: symbolic dynamics and topological classification.

Recent Progress towards Chemically-Specific Coarse-Grained Simulation Models with Consistent Dynamical Properties

Characterization of intrinsic ultracontractivity for one dimensional Schrödinger operators

Optimal Ratings and Market Outcomes

Impact of Transmission Network Topology on Electrical Power Systems

Majority judgment and strategy-proofness: a characterization

Binary LCD Codes and Self-Orthogonal Codes From a Generic Construction

Greedy–Merge Degrading has Optimal Power-Law

Queueing Analysis of GPU-Based Inference Servers with Dynamic Batching: A Closed-Form Characterization

The Bipartite-Splittance of a Bipartite Graph

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¿Quiénes son las personas que menos apoyan los principios penales y procesales penales en la sociedad? Estudio piloto en el Gran Concepción, Chile

Beyond the clustering coefficient: A topological analysis of node neighbourhoods in complex networks

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Neuro-economic Analysis of Games Theory Applied to E-Commerce

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