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Electromagnetic interference shielding properties of polymer derived SiC-Si3N4 composite ceramics

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Major and Trace Element Evaluation of the Campano-Maastrichtian Sediments of Anambra Basin Exposed around Enugu, Nigeria

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Fabrication of SiCf/SiC-mullite composite with improved pretreatment condition via precursor infiltration-sintering combined with infiltration-pyrolysis process

Comparison of Passive Microwave Data with Shipborne Photographic Observations of Summer Sea Ice Concentration along an Arctic Cruise Path

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Process and Techno-Economic Analysis for Fuel and Chemical Production by Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-Oil

Cellulose solvent-based pretreatment for enhanced second-generation biofuel production: a review

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Properties of Cf/SiC-ZrB2-TaxCy composite produced by reactive hot pressing and polymer impregnation pyrolysis (RHP/PIP)

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