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Victimization as a Result of Non-Consensual Dissemination of Sexting and Psychopathology Correlates: An Exploratory Analysis

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Protecting Victims or Protecting the Brand? Secondary Victimization and Cruise Ship Crime.

The ‘lottery’ of rape reporting: Secondary victimization and Swedish criminal justice professionals

Profile Analysis of Sexual Assault Experiences among Adult Women and Their Implications for Mental Health

Sexual assault: women’s voices on the health impacts of not being believed by police

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Victims and Prosecutors

Troubling Secondary Victimization of Bullying Victims: The Role of Gender and Ethnicity.

Image-Based Sexual Abuse in a Culturally Conservative Nigerian Society: Female Victims’ Narratives of Psychosocial Costs

Meanings Attributed by Adolescents to Intrafamily Sexual Violence and Assistance in the Judiciary

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Mediated Representations of Violence Against Women

Promoting the health of refugee women: a scoping literature review incorporating the social ecological model

Implications of Legal Loophole concerning Liability over Delay in Restitution Payment by Criminal Offender

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Secondary Victimization