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Short-term celecoxib supplementation impacts compositional and functional features of in vitro gut microbial ecosystem

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A Dual-Band Implantable Rectenna for Wireless Data and Power Support at Sub-GHz Region

Integrated security of cyber-physical vehicle networked systems in the age of 5G

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Effects of Behavioral Skills Training on the Stimulus Control of Gun Safety Responding

Safety Training Transfer: The Roles of Coworkers, Supervisors, Safety Professionals, and Felt Responsibility

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Teaching Children with Autism Abduction-Prevention Skills May Result in Overgeneralization of the Target Response.

Short term supplementation of celecoxib shifted butyrate production on a simulated model of the gut microbial ecosystem and ameliorated in vitro inflammation

Patient safety culture in Oman: A national study.

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In vitro anticancer potentiality and molecular modelling study of novel amino acid derivatives based on N1,N3-bis-(1-hydrazinyl-1-oxopropan-2-yl) isophthalamide

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Effect of various forms of non-thermal treatment of the quality and safety in carrots

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