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Reduced Scale PHIL Emulation Concepts Applied to Power Conversion Systems With Battery Storage

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Evaluation of Model-Based Biomimetic Control of Prosthetic Finger Force for Grasp

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A Novel Hybrid-HHOPSO Algorithm Based Optimal Compensators of Four-Layer Cascaded Control for a New Structurally Modified AC Microgrid

Modular Assembly and Real-Time Hardware Emulation of On-the-Move Multidomain Multimachine System on More-Electric Aircraft

Real-time hardware emulation of wind turbine model with asynchronous generator under hardware-in-the-loop platform

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Creating RF Scenarios for Large-scale, Real-time Wireless Channel Emulators

A Single Back-to-Back Converter Based System Emulator for Testing Unbalanced Microgrids

REEFT-360: Real-time Emulation and Evaluation Framework for Tile-based 360 Streaming under Time-varying Conditions

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Implementation of Optimised Wireless Sensor Network Using Cluster Architecture

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