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WF1.3 - Quantum Walks in Quasi-Periodic Photonics Lattices

A Second-Order Two-Scale Algorithm for Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Problems in Quasi-Periodic Porous Materials

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A Novel Dipole-Moment-Based Approach for Analyzing Scattering from Quasi-Periodic Structures

Vibrational properties of quasi-periodic beam structures

Semi-phenomenological Approach to Surface-Bonded Chiral Nanostructures Creation Based on DNA-origami

Transverse acoustic waves in piezoelectric-metallic Fibonacci multilayers

Fabrication of phononic filter structures for far-IR/sub-mm detector applications

Spectral analysis and structural response of periodic and quasi-periodic beams

High speed mask-less laser-controlled precision micro-additive manufacture

Efficiency enhancement in Si solar cell using 1D quasi-periodic antireflection coating

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