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Effect of chordwise flexibility on propulsive performance of high inertia oscillating-foils

The Influential Role of the Habitat on the Diversity Patterns of Free-Living Aquatic Nematode Assemblages in the Cuban Archipelago

“We Count What Matters”: Students’ Color-Blind “Merit-Based” Logic and the Reproduction of Inequality in a College Admissions Activity

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Prepositions and Case Forms of the Russian Language as a Subject of Identification Linguistics

Immunomorphological Pattern of Molecular Chaperones in Normal and Pathological Thyroid Tissues and Circulating Exosomes: Potential Use in Clinics

Formation of a Hydrate Layer at a Gas–Water (Ice) Interface

instaGraminoid, a Novel Colorimetric Method to Assess Herbicide Resistance, Identifies Patterns of Cross-Resistance in Annual Ryegrass

What counts as science? Expansive learning actions for teaching and learning science with bilingual children

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‘Time for una pregunta’: understanding Spanish use and interlocutor response among young English learners in cross-age peer interactions while reading and discussing text

Urban form, infrastructure and spatial organisation in the Roman Empire

Classificação das desordens temporomandibulares com o uso do algoritmo k-nearest neighbors aplicado à dinâmica mandibular

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Mining Quantitative Temporal Dependencies Between Interval-Based Streams

Linking scaling laws across eukaryotes

Microsleep episodes in the borderland between wakefulness and sleep.

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The Deformation Behavior of Modern Antifriction Polymer Materials in the Elements of Transport and Logistics Systems with Frictional Contact

Investigation of the 4th Grade Primary School Students’ Attitudes Towards Reading in the Scope of Different Variables

Grammatical representations versus productive patterns in change theories

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