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Resilience of cities to external shocks: Analysis, modeling and economic impacts

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Sensitivity analysis of BISON model for characterization of impact of experimental parameters on hydrogen migration and redistribution in zirconium-based alloys

Climate‐driven impacts of exotic species on marine ecosystems

Has Global Agricultural Trade Been Resilient Under Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Findings from an Econometric Assessment

Assessment of mechanical dispersion effects on mixing zone under extreme saltwater intrusion

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Formation of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and its impact on ozone production in the coastal atmosphere of Qingdao, North China.

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Intercomparison of Cloud Products based on S5P/TROPOMI Level 1b Data Version 1 and the updated Version 2

Oral adverse effects of CDK4/6 inhibitors among breast cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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Impact of a climate network: The role of intermediaries in local level climate action

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Porosity and permeability variability across a chalk reservoir in the Danish North Sea: Quantitative impacts of depositional and diagenetic processes

Quantitative Analysis of Safety Risks and Relationship with Delayed Project Completion Times.

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A computable general equilibrium analysis of environmental tax reform in Japan with a forward-looking dynamic model

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Uncertainty Interpretation of the Machine Learning Survival Model Predictions

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Assessment of Motion Bias on the Detection of Dopamine Response to Challenge

Consistent Maintenance Management Model: Results of changes of maintenance organisation structure and processes

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Soil erosion assessment by RUSLE with improved P factor and its validation: Case study on mountainous and hilly areas of Hubei Province, China

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Response of air quality to short-duration high-strength human tourism activities at a natural scenic spot: a case study in Zhangjiajie, China

The Impacts of the Infectious Disease Epidemic on the Permanent Volatility of Precious Metal and Crude Oil Futures Markets: A Long-Term Perspective

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Increasing Ghanaian fish farms’ productivity: Does the use of the internet matter?

Household Health and Cropland Abandonment in Rural China: Theoretical Mechanism and Empirical Evidence

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Quantitative contributions of solution atoms, precipitates and deformation to microstructures and properties of Al–Sc–Zr alloys

Transient Stability Analysis of Droop-Controlled Grid-Connected Converters With Inertia Emulating Low-Pass Filters

Pest categorisation of Phymatotrichopsis omnivora

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Mediterranean woody plant specialized metabolites affect germination of Linum perenne at its dry and upper thermal limits

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Spatiotemporal dynamics of CO2 emissions from central heating supply in the North China Plain over 2012–2016 due to natural gas usage

The Choice to Go Organic: Evidence from Small US Farms

Protein and sustainability – the potential of insects

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A Study on the Development of Smart Factory Equipment Engineering System and Effects

Is high sensitivity always desirable for a grating-based differential phase contrast imaging system?

Power of Agricultural Credit in Farmland Abandonment: Evidence from Rural China

Assessment of non-financial returns on cyberinfrastructure: A survey of current methods

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The quantitative impacts of drought and flood on crop yields and production in China

The wall for mothers with first graders: availability of afterschool childcare and continuity of maternal labor supply in Japan

Impacts and Contributors of Representativeness Errors of $In~Situ$ Albedo Measurements for the Validation of Remote Sensing Products

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The Impact of Driverless Vehicles on Transportation Costs in Road Haulage: A System Dynamical Approach

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Does Internet use help reduce rural cropland abandonment? Evidence from China

An Analytical Portfolio Credit Risk Model Based on the Extended Binomial Distribution

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