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Clinical implications of compromised 82Rb PET data acquisition

Do we rely on good-enough processing in reading under auditory and visual noise?

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Study of the impact of fire-extinguishing foaming agents on agricultural crops

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Investigation on laminar pipe flow of a non-Newtonian Carreau-Extended fluid

Optimization of a Diet for the Greater Wax Moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) Using Full Factorial and Mixture Design

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A Deep Quantitative Type System

The Effect of Aromatherapy on Equine Facial Expression, Heart Rate, Respiratory Tidal Volume and Spontaneous Muscle Contractures in M. Temporalis and M. Cleidomastoideus

A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Gender-Sensitive Rite of Passage Program for Adolescent Males

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Quick qualitative and quantitative changes in reproductive efforts in an open cerrado community: An explorative study of fire-stimulated species

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Daily flow simulation in Thailand Part II: Unraveling effects of reservoir operation

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How control and relaxation interventions and virus mutations influence the resurgence of COVID-19

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MRI in CNS Drug Development

Non-similar mixed convection analysis for magnetic flow of second-grade nanofluid over a vertically stretching sheet


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Regulatory T-cell phenotypes in children with sickle cell disease

Narrative theory IV: Within-subject effects of active and control scarcity narratives on delay discounting in alcohol use disorder.

RBM20-Related Cardiomyopathy: Current Understanding and Future Options

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Ex-ante impact assessment of land-use zoning decisions on potential wood supply at a regional level – a case study from two provinces in Finland

Life Cycle Assessment of Recycling High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Waste

Acetylcholine boosts dendritic NMDA spikes in a CA3 pyramidal neuron model

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Quantitative contributions of climate change, new cultivars adoption, and management practices to yield and global warming potential in rice-winter wheat rotation ecosystems

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Influencing Factors on Petrography Interpretations in Provenance Research—A Case-Study Review

Environmental hazards: The microgeography of land‐use negative externalities

Triggering Economic Growth:Trade Liberalization as the Prominent Factor in Less-developed Countries

Antitrust Law and Dominant-Firm Behavior in the Digital Technology Sector: Toward an Actionable Agenda for Policymakers

Quantitative effects of off-resonance related distortion on brain mechanical property estimation with magnetic resonance elastography.

Study of Modified Flux-Coupling-Type SFCLs For Stability Improvement of a Multi-Machine Power System Based On Energy Function

Sharing Asymmetric Tail Risk: Smoothing, Asset Prices and Terms of Trade

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Genome-wide analysis of gene dosage in 24,092 individuals estimates that 10,000 genes modulate cognitive ability

Efficiency of a Seedling Phenotyping Strategy to Support European Wheat Breeding Focusing on Leaf Rust Resistance

Meta-analysis to predict the effects of temperature stress on meat quality of poultry

Investigating gating mechanisms of ion channels using temperature-resolved cryoEM

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Dose-related effects of extracorporeal shock waves on orthodontic tooth movement in rabbits

Influence of Environmental Changes Due to Altitude on Performance, Fuel Consumption and Emissions of a Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine

Ultrafast Computation of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction by Using Temporal Intensity Variation in Cine Cardiac Magnetic Resonance.

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The effects of productivity and benefits on unemployment: Breaking the link

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Seeking for an optimal strategy to avoid arsenic and cadmium over-accumulation in crops: Soil management vs cultivar selection in a case study with maize.

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Evaluation on Structure Design Sensitivity and Meta-modeling of Passive Type DSF for Offshore Plant Float-over Installation Based on Orthogonal Array Experimental Method

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High-resolution flood risk approach to quantify the impact of policy change on flood losses at community-level

Nonlinear averaging in 2D: intraspecific variation in two interacting species and consequences for population dynamics

Thermodynamic Investigation of Droplet-Droplet and Bubble-Droplet Equilibrium in an Immiscible Medium.

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Dissolution and diffusion kinetics of yttria-stabilized zirconia into molten silicates

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Pandemic disruption, extended bodies, and elastic situations - Reflections on COVID-19 and Mobilities


Effect of ultrasound on parallel flow in a microchannel

Instabilities and transition in cooled wall hypersonic boundary layers

Effects of Voluntary and Involuntary Real Lab Situations on Personal Carbon Footprints of Private Households. Experiences From Germany

Nanofluid Assistance in Machining Processes- Properties, Mechanisms and Applications: a Review

Discovery of the REN11 Locus From Vitis aestivalis for Stable Resistance to Grapevine Powdery Mildew in a Family Segregating for Several Unstable and Tissue-Specific Quantitative Resistance Loci

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Is there an association between hot weather and poor mental health outcomes? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

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A neurocomputational theory of nightmares: the role of formal properties of nightmare images

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Enhanced electrical and photocatalytic activities in Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 through structural modulation by using anatase and rutile phases of TiO2

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Sensitivity analysis of fine dust spreading from litter in poultry houses

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Effects of various driving factors on potential evapotranspiration trends over the main grain-production area of China while accounting for vegetation dynamics

Evaluation on Sensitivity and Approximate Modeling of Fire-Resistance Performance for A60 Class Deck Penetration Piece Using Heat-Transfer Analysis and Fire Test

Deep Supervised Residual Dense Network for Underwater Image Enhancement

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Evaluation of Environmental Benefits Caused by Reservation-Based Shared Parking: A Case Study of Beijing, China

Qualitative Invariant Effects Arise from Neural Constraints: Common Architecture and Sources of Individual Differences

Epistasis for head morphology in Drosophila melanogaster

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Dynamics of Prion Proliferation Under Combined Treatment of Pharmacological Chaperones and Interferons.

Concentrating Model Solutions and Fruit Juices Using CO2 Hydrate Technology and Its Quantitative Effect on Phenols, Carotenoids, Vitamin C and Betanin

Genetic Analysis of Methyl Anthranilate, Mesifurane, Linalool, and Other Flavor Compounds in Cultivated Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)

Exploring the Effects of Blur and Deblurring to Visual Object Tracking

Can adulteration of urine samples mask cannabis detection by GC-MS?

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Influence of lignin on wood carbonization and charcoal properties of Miombo woodland native species

Evaluation of Leachate Recirculation Effect on the Acceleration of Waste Mineralization Process by Using a Coupled Numerical Model

Electric egg-laying: a new approach for regulating C. elegans egg-laying behaviour in a microchannel using electric field.

Risk Factors for Anthracycline-Induced Cardiotoxicity

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Neurotoxicity studies with a tropomyosin-related kinase A inhibitor, ASP7962, on the sympathetic and sensory nervous systems in rats.

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Artificial Neural Network as a Tool for Appraising Hematological Parameters in Sudanese Patients with Malaria.

Implementing Tablets in Norwegian Primary Schools. Examining Outcome Measures in the Second Cohort

The Effect of Bionic 3D Printed Structure Morphology on Skin Friction

Implementation of a positive psychology curriculum in a high school setting: A mixed methods pilot study

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ShineOn: Illuminating Design Choices for Practical Video-based Virtual Clothing Try-on

An Empirical Determination of the Dependence of the Circumgalactic Mass Cooling Rate and Feedback Mass Loading Factor on Galactic Stellar Mass

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The impact of vertical vegetation on thermal performance of high-rise office building facades in Mediterranean climate

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Half-hard cast-iron rolls: statistically research on the manufacturing technology for increase their quality and safety in exploitation

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The effect of noise content and level on cognitive performance measured by electroencephalography (EEG)

Natural ventilation driven by a restricted heat source elevated to different levels

Application of the unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders among homeless women: A feasibility study.

Exploitative Competition between Mountain Hare and Moose—Qualitative Effects on Hare Winter Forage?

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An analysis of the effects of occupational accidents on corporate management performance

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Research on energy saving and emission reduction of urban transportation under the concept of low-carbon life

Differential impact of TNFRSF co-stimulation on CD8+ T cell cytokine production by feedback control of surface receptor expression

Cox-sMBPLS: An Algorithm for Disease Survival Prediction and Multi-Omics Module Discovery Incorporating Cis-Regulatory Quantitative Effects

Evaluating the effects of metal artifacts on dose distribution of the pelvic region

The Life Cycle Energy Consumption and Emissions of Asphalt Pavement Incorporating Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag by Comparative Study

Non-compete Agreements, Wages and Efficiency: Theory and Evidence from Brazilian Football

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A Quantitative Evaluation of the Flow-Increasing Effect of Flow-Through Arterial Anastomosis in the Vascular Pedicle of Free Flaps: A Prospective Clinical Before-and-After Study

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An anti-channeling flue tee with cycloidal guide vanes based on variational calculus: Subscripts:

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Thermal conductivity and elastic modulus of 3D porous/fractured media considering percolation

MTMS-Based Aerogel Constructs for Immobilization of Plant Hairy Roots: Effects on Proliferation of Rindera graeca Biomass and Extracellular Secretion of Naphthoquinones

Occurrence, Distribution and Risk Assessment of Mercury in Multimedia of Soil-Dust-Plants in Shanghai, China

Mutational load causes stochastic evolutionary outcomes in acute RNA viral infection

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Evaluation of human error contribution to oil tanker collision using fault tree analysis and modified fuzzy Bayesian Network based CREAM

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Interaction between carbon dioxide emissions and eutrophication in a drinking water reservoir: A three-dimensional ecological modeling approach.

Charity As Income Redistribution: A Model With Optimal Taxation, Status, and Social Stigma

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In vivo studies of titanium implant surface treatment by sandblasted, acid-etched and further anchored with ceramic of tetracalcium phosphate on osseointegration

The start and end of the growing season in Pakistan during 1982–2015

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