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Contextualizing Farmers’ Perceptions of Agricultural Wastewater Reuse in Areas of Water Shortage and Contamination: An In-Depth Case Study of Wadi Al-Far’a Watershed—Palestine

A primer on cognitive diagnostic modelling for the healthcare professions education

Latent-variable Approaches Utilizing Both Item Scores and Response Times To Detect Test Fraud

Measurement Invariance in the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire: Implications for Culturally Inclusive Parenting Research

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Recent developments, current challenges, and future directions in electrophysiological approaches to studying intelligence

A Conformance Testing Methodology and System for Cognitive Radios

Clinimetric Criteria for Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Assessment methods in single case design studies of psychological treatments for chronic pain: A scoping review

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Design and validation of learning trajectory-based assessments for computational thinking in upper elementary grades

Is it possible to develop a new measurement tool to assess the functional status in patients with rheumatoid arthritis?

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Diagnostic, Clinical, Psychopathological, Psychological Aspects of the Examination of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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