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Property C sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Real-time Particle Size Analysis Using the Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement Probe for In Situ Fabrication of Polyacrylamide–Filler Composite Materials

Strain-rate-dependent deformation behaviour of high-carbon steel in compression: mechanical and structural characterisation

Property C sentence examples within transmission electron microscopy

Proton irradiation induced defects in T92 steels: An investigation by TEM and positron annihilation spectroscopy

Linear-like lead-free relaxor antiferroelectric (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3–NaNbO3 with giant energy-storage density/efficiency and super stability against temperature and frequency

Property C sentence examples within graphitic carbon nitride

The g-C3N4 nanosheets decorated by plasmonic Au nanoparticles: A heterogeneous electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction enhanced by sunlight illumination

Property C sentence examples within Intellectual Property C

Intellectual Property under the Scrutiny of Investor-State Tribunals: Legitimacy and New Challenges

Intellectual property as intangible good

Property C sentence examples within Mechanical Property C

The improvement of electrical conductivity of hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys achieved by composite melt treatment

Using 3-D Printing and Bioprinting Technologies for Personalized Implants

Property C sentence examples within Physical Property C

A comparative study for the source depth estimation of very low frequency electromagnetic (VLF-EM) signals

Comparison of geophysical inversion programs run on aeromagnetic data collected over the Highland Valley Copper district, British Columbia, Canada

Property C sentence examples within Material Property C

Chemical and Electrochemical Intercalation of Ions and Molecules into MXenes

A two-material miniature specimen test method and the associated inverse approach for high temperature applications

Property C sentence examples within Optical Property C

Refractive index modulation in metal oxides arising from chemically induced free carriers and its application in gas sensing

Electrospun Nanofibers for Optical Applications

Property C sentence examples within Soil Property C

Long-term differential effects of tree species on soil nutrients and fertility improvement in agroforestry parklands of the Sahelian Niger

Measuring Rotation and Manure Effects in an Iowa Farm Soil Health Assessment

Property C sentence examples within Surface Property C

High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly TEPA-Functionalized Adsorbent with Enhanced Porosity for CO2 Capture

Using Landsat observations (1988–2017) and Google Earth Engine to detect vegetation cover changes in rangelands - A first step towards identifying degraded lands for conservation

Property C sentence examples within Electrical Property C

Dye Adsorption and Electrical Property of Oxide-Loaded Carbon Fiber Made by Electrospinning and Hydrothermal Treatment

Bifunctional sandwich structure of vertically-oriented graphenes and boron nitride nanosheets for thermal management of LEDs and Li-ion battery

Property C sentence examples within Transport Property C

Design of the trinitrotoluene biosensor using polydiacetylene conjugated with peptide receptors coated on GR-FETs with colorimetric response

Exploiting Fluoropolymers Immiscibility to Tune Surface Properties and Mass Transfer in Blend Membranes for Membrane Contactor Applications

Property C sentence examples within Chemical Property C

Alteration of Nabali Baladi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) chemical parameters as a function of air and sunlight exposure

Investigation the Structure and Property of Two-dimensional Materials Using Scanning Probe Techniques

Property C sentence examples within Thermal Property C

Thermal conductivity of unidirectional composites consisting of randomly dispersed glass fibers and temperature-dependent polyethylene matrix

Temperature dependent thermal transport in graphene paper above room temperature

Property C sentence examples within Magnetic Property C

Power Generation from a Hybrid Generator (TENG-EMG) Run by a Thermomagnetic Engine Harnessing Low Temperature Waste Heat

Anionic guest-dependent slow magnetic relaxation in Co(ii) tripodal iminopyridine complexes.

Property C sentence examples within Cultural Property C

Image-Based Quantitative Analysis of Foxing Stains on Old Printed Paper Documents

INTERPOL and International Trends and Developments in the Fight Against Cultural Property Crime

Property C sentence examples within Electrochemical Property C

Microstructure-electrochemical property correlation in electrodeposited CuFeNiCoCr high-entropy alloy-graphene oxide composite coatings

Correlation between microstructure and corrosion behaviour of SnBi-graphene oxide composite coatings

Property C sentence examples within Structure Property C

Synthesis/structural and mesomorphic properties of substituted hydrazide based calamitic molecules

Stability of Sn based inorganic perovskite quantum dots

Property C sentence examples within Piezoelectric Property C

Atmospheric controlled processing enabling highly textured NKN with enhanced piezoelectric performance

Temperature-driven phase transitions and enhanced piezoelectric responses in Ba(Ti0.92Sn0.08)O3 lead-free ceramic

Property C sentence examples within Tensile Property C

A study on determination of tensile properties of metals at elevated temperatures from spherical indentation tests

Research of heavy wall X65MOS submarine pipeline steel key process strategy

Property C sentence examples within Reservoir Property C

Geological Characteristics of the Potential Injection Production Dominant Channel in Marine Sandstone Reservoir—Taking Donghe Sandstone in Tarim Basin for Example

Reservoir property changes during CO2–brine flow-through experiments in tight sandstone: Implications for CO2 enhanced oil recovery in the Triassic Chang 7 Member tight sandstone, Ordos Basin, China

Property C sentence examples within Different Property C

Control of Crystal Properties in a Mixed-Suspension Mixed-Product Removal Crystallizer: General Methods and the Effects of Secondary Nucleation

Comparison of the DCF and German income approach

Property C sentence examples within Residential Property C

Economic features and mechanisms of energy saving management in housing and utility sector

Property in a time of transition: An examination of perceptions, navigations and constructions of property relations among unlawful occupiers in Johannesburg’s inner city

Property C sentence examples within Wetting Property C

Nanostructured and oriented metal–organic framework films enabling extreme surface wetting properties

Influence of wettability on the electrolyte electrosorption within graphene-like nonconfined and confined space

Property C sentence examples within Release Property C

Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Matrix Tablets of Ciprofloxacin Using Sida acuta Gum

Nanofiberous coating for Bare Metal Stents: A comparative study of coaxial and monoaxial modes

Property C sentence examples within Catalytic Property C

Electrochemiluminescence behaviour of silver/silver orthophosphate/graphene oxide quenched by Pd@Au core-shell nanoflowers for ultrasensitive detection of insulin.

Cu/Cu2O/rGO nanocomposites: solid-state self-reduction synthesis and catalytic activity for p-nitrophenol reduction

Property C sentence examples within Listed Property C

The Profile and Significance of Listed Property Companies in Some Selected African Countries

Board Characteristics and Foreign Direct Investment in Public Listed Property Companies: A Malaysian Evidence

Property C sentence examples within Significant Property C

Flexible, High Power Density, Wearable Thermoelectric Nanogenerator and Self-powered Temperature Sensor.


Property C sentence examples within Intrinsic Property C

An enhanced approach for detecting double JPEG compression with the same quantization matrix

Polyethylenimine/DNA Ratio Strongly Affects their Nanoparticle Formation: A Large-Scale Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study.

Property C sentence examples within Structural Property C

Enhanced photocatalysis and anticancer activity of green hydrothermal synthesized Ag@TiO2 nanoparticles.

Microstructure and mechanical properties correlation of weld joints of a high strength naval grade steel

Property C sentence examples within Sensing Property C

Temperature sensor based on a Sagnac interferometer using a liquid crystal-filled microstructured optical fiber

Experimental and theoretical study on the excellent amine-sensing performance of Au decorated WO3 needle-like nanocomposites

Property C sentence examples within Private Property C

Inclusion and Representation in the Settlement of Property Claims in the Aftermath of Armed Conflict

The Tragedy of the Commons: A Theoretical Update

Property C sentence examples within Latter Property C

Quasi-Concavity for Gaussian Multicast Relay Channels

The magnetic early B-type stars - III. A main-sequence magnetic, rotational, and magnetospheric biography

Property C sentence examples within Stability Property C

Inverse source problems for the Korteweg–de Vries–Burgers equation with mixed boundary conditions

High quantum yield red-emission phosphor Li2Ge4O9:Mn4+ for WLEDs application

Property C sentence examples within Antioxidant Property C

Endotoxin Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027 with Potential Medical Applications

Antioxidant potential and antimicrobial activity of chitosan–inulin conjugates obtained through the Maillard reaction

Property C sentence examples within Dielectric Property C

Multi-frequency Integration Algorithm of Contrast Source Inversion Method for Microwave Breast Tumor Detection*

Continuous Cell Characterization and Separation by Microfluidic Alternating Current Dielectrophoresis.

Property C sentence examples within Photocatalytic Property C

Metal–organic framework-templated synthesis of Ag/Ni-TiO2 for enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Induced Band Gap Regulation Governing the Excellent Photocatalytic Performance of Ag/g-C₃N₄ Heterostructure.

Property C sentence examples within Polarization Property C

A Mueller matrix measurement technique based on a division-of-aperture polarimetric camera

Observing the quantum Cheshire cat with a nondestructive weak measuring device

Property C sentence examples within Electronic Property C

Electronic, structural and optical features for ternary ZnSnAs2 compound: A first principle’s density functional investigation

NIR-induced pH-reversible self-healing monitoring with smartphone by wireless hydrogel sensor

Property C sentence examples within Topological Property C

Weighted heterogeneous networks with the same weight sequence

Pseudo-topological property of Julia fractal vector optical fields.

Property C sentence examples within Absorption Property C

Fabrication and Properties Evaluation of Alumina-Based Open-Cell Foams

In Situ Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Nanofibers Surface-Decorated with AuAg Alloy Nanoparticles Anchored by Heterojunction Exhibiting Enhanced Solar Active Photocatalysis.

Property C sentence examples within Signal Property C

BeiDou 3 Signal Quality Analysis and its Impact on Users

BeiDou 3 signal quality analysis and its impact on users

Property C sentence examples within Resistance Property C

Effect of densification variables on water resistance of corn cob briquettes

Blockchain-Empowered Content Cache System for Vehicle Edge Computing Networks

Property C sentence examples within Adsorption Property C

Thin Nickel Layer with Embedded WC Nanoparticles for Efficient Oxygen Evolution

Three-Dimensional Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanosheets/ZnO Superstructures for CO2 Capture.

Property C sentence examples within Antifouling Property C

Three-dimensional flower-like shaped Bi5O7I particles incorporation zwitterionic fluorinated polymers with synergistic hydration-photocatalytic for enhanced marine antifouling performance.

Rational design of a zwitterionic–phosphonic copolymer for the surface antifouling modification of multiple biomedical metals

Property C sentence examples within Industrial Property C

Trumping local marks: A note on well-known trade marks in Nepal

Трансформация основных принципов охраны промышленной собственности в трансграничных отношениях в современных условиях

Property C sentence examples within Commercial Property C

The end of ‘toleration’? Policy ambiguity and converted-housing occupancy in China

Sustainability in offices is not just about regulations but it is becoming the norm due to impact of occupants’ wellbeing.

Property C sentence examples within Physicochemical Property C

Distinct evolution of toll-like receptor signaling pathway genes in cetaceans

Determining the influence factors of soil organic carbon stock in opencast coal-mine dumps based on complex network theory

Property C sentence examples within Induced Property C

Resistance Switching Behavior in Rectangle-Nano-Pattern SrTiO3 Induced by Simple Annealing

The evolution of He+ irradiation-induced point defects and helium retention in nuclear graphite

Property C sentence examples within Excellent Property C

Dual plasmons-promoted electron-hole separation for direct Z-scheme Bi3O4Cl/AgCl heterojunction ultrathin nanosheets and enhanced photocatalytic-photothermal performance.

Manipulating the plastic strain delocalization through ultra-thinned hierarchical design for strength-ductility synergy

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