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A clinico-radiological study of bicondylar tibial plateau fractures managed with dual locking plates.

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A prospective comparative study of functional outcome in patients treated non-operatively and surgically (by plate osteosynthesis) for mid-shaft clavicle fractures in adults

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Functional results of superior anterior locking plate in treatment of unstable distal clavicle fractures (type 2)

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Comminuted olecranon fractures: locking compression plate fixation verses conventional plate fixation

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The comparison of Nice knots and traditional methods as an auxiliary reduction-fixation technique in pre-contoured locking plate fixation for comminuted Robinson type 2B clavicle fracture

Prospective study of clavicle fractures treated with pre-contoured locking compression plate

Plate Osteosynthesis of Lower End of Femur Fractures Using Locking Compression Plating - A Prospective Study

Clinical Outcome of Neer Type II Lateral End Clavicle Fractures With Coracoclavicular Ligament Disruption Treated With Pre-Contoured Locking Plate and Endobutton

Anatomical Precontoured Locking Plate versus Reconstruction Plate in Unstable Clavicular Fractures

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