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Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery for Thyroid Cancer: Utility for Preventing Hypoparathyroidism

Assessment of Inter-Institutional Post-Operative Hypoparathyroidism Status Using a Common Data Model

Predicting risk factors of postoperative hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy: is safe discharge without supplementation possible? A large cohort study

Re: Evaluation of Parathyroid Glands with Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography After Thyroidectomy

Secondary Fahr’s Disease: A Consequence of Post-Thyroidectomy Hypoparathyroidism

Hypoparathyroidism: what is the best calcium carbonate supplementation intake form?

Calcium, vitamin D or recombinant parathyroid hormone for managing post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism.

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Post Thyroidectomy Hypoparathyroidism